Zig Ziglar

      As the ending of 2016 is approaching we can stop and look back and say ‘WHEW, AM I GLAD THAT ONE IS OVER!”  I thought that the campaign season would never end.  I cringe every time someone mentions running for office in the next election, STOP!  We cannot take the start of another round of misery so soon.  I don’t care which side of the coin you are on it is time to relax and reflect.

     If you won in the elections bask in the glow and if you lost learn the quiet tact-urn attitude that those of us that have been feeling the pain for the last 8 years.  Really now is it really worth the loss of friendships coming through all of this?

     We have a new problem on our hands and maybe not that new, just expanded.  It is the fake news that everyone is talking about.  Those on the left blame the right and those on the right blame the left.  The more we learn there is a new definition of Troll now in our language.  Trolls are from sources outside the country as well as those who just want to create chaos in this country.

      Anymore it is difficult to determine what news sites are real an which are hoaxes.  What makes it worse is the catching red handed the so called mainstream news media who create sound bites, distortions, and outright lies themselves.  For those who cannot tell between Journalism and Commentary it is so difficult to believe any story.  By the way my writing is commentary.  Journalism would pay better if it was asked for.

     I am anxiously awaiting the mass exodus of all the celebrities who promised that they would leave the country if Mr. Trump won. If you make a promise you should keep it.  Words have meaning.  However it is true that those going to Canada would have to go by their laws since they do have immigration laws.  Why are all those who promise to leave say they are going to Canada and not Mexico.  The beach seems more desirable than a snow drift.  But then Mexico has immigration laws also.  Oh well, we just have to assume that all these people who hold their citizenship so lightly have not the integrity to fulfill their promises.

     The last 32 years I have not been real enthralled with the workings of Washington and I never once threatened to leave the country.  I kind of like it here.  I vote therefore I have a right to gripe.  Seems that many of these who are against everything right now did not bother to.  No vote, don’t bother me with an argument.  Voting is a responsibility and if you are not responsible enough to go cast a ballot I am not interested in your complaints.

     If we disagree lets visit.  Just have the gumption to deserve the right to have the opinion.  Words matter.  Shouting and insulting does not.  There are too many who died giving you the right to have an opinion.

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