Benjamin Franklin


As I sit and write this I am pondering on the 67 trips I have made around the sun today. It seems that it has gone by pretty fast. I wonder sometimes if I have really learned what this life is all about? No I am not going to go into some deep analysis or deep reflection of this world. I am sure some will be happy about that.

I am, however, remembering the very interesting life I have led. One time I had a professional resume person put together one for me. Resume’s are supposed to be brief and mine got to be a bit bigger than normal. When she was done she made a comment, “you have had an interesting life.

My answer was that you could take this one of two ways. I either have had an interesting life or “this guy could not keep a job.”

I have had an interesting life. As I look back on what I have done I conclude that I have way too many interests. I could not have imagined doing the same thing for 30 or 40 years, come home go to bed after watching a game, and getting up and doing it all over again. I have been determined to actually live and not exist. I turned down opportunities for huge pay checks in order to live an interesting life.

What has gratified me so much is the friendship of my readers. When I go someplace and someone walks up and tells me how much they enjoy reading my views I am very pleased.

Yes I have done a lot of things in my life but the common thread through all of it has been the people. I have made so many friends and it hurts when I lose a friend. A friend is more valuable than a treasure trove of gold.

I have been staying away from ranting on the state of our politics. My disposition is much better when I ignore Slow Joe and the Demoncrats. But you know I will have to say something soon. My brother did get a phone call during the State of the Union speech asking if I was yelling at the TV? I had been.

There is a reason why we call it the Boob Tube. It is because of all the Boobs on it.

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