Sinclair Lewis

       When I was younger and full of energy I loved winter.  I was out four wheeling, opening roads with the snow plow, moving snow with the tractor, and feeding the horse, cows when I was helping someone.  But time has dimmed my love of winter.

     The winter has been kind of lopsided with recent days and bone cold.  Other areas are getting extremes and that is not a pleasant thing for anyone.  Of course California is finally getting the snow pack and rain that they have been missing for several years.  The upside is that it is filling up the lakes and slowing down the drought.

      It seems to me that this is the time of year that all the global warming folks seem to go to the islands for sun and fun.  Who wants to brow beat the deplorable people who don’t believe in their sky falling warnings when the wind chill is -10?  It is time they get on their private jets and go to sunny locations or deserts to revile each other about how man is killing the planet.

     Hold that thought while I turn up my space heater at my desk.  OK, the sunrises have been absolutely magnificent and I don’t even get over excited to grab the camera because I have so many pictures of them.

     The wind blows and my desire to go out in it is at an all time low.  The great thing is that sunshine and spring is not terribly far away.  The sun will start running north again, and I will set on the porch and burn the winter away.

     It is truly a winter wonderland, I wonder when it will go away.

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