Cameron Sinclair


I go back to the down home common sense humor of Jerry Clower as well as the walking around around sense that was instilled in me by first a Tupperware flyswatter, working for my Grandpa and uncle, and then a succession of German descent farmers.

The problem today is that the lack of a swat on the backside has lead to a generation of know-it-alls that do not seem to be able to follow directions. This has made its way into the schools and universities and into the halls of Congress.

There is a segment of the entire legal profession that devotes itself to letting people do the opposite of what the boss tells them to do. Entire generations now cannot identify, let alone do, what the boss tells them to do.

We have been talking about the deep state for decades and it is thanks to the open hostility of Rep. Schiff that we now can see for ourselves what we have known for years. No one seems to know who the boss is.

The State Department we now know is full of self serving and self important officials. Every employee works at the pleasure of the President and Secretary of State. It is the duty of the employees to implement the policies that is set down for them. If they act contrary that is the end of their authority. The advise is offered when asked or needed. The final policy is put forth by the President. WHETHER YOU LIKE HIM OR NOT.

As Commander in Chief the President is the final authority for the military. When an order and policy is put forth by the CIC it is the duty of the personnel from the Pentagon to the private mopping the privy to follow the policies. When defying the President even the Secretary of the Navy can follow the policies or resign.

There is a lot of thinking going on that people do that convince them to defy what the boss has told them to do. There are two alternatives. Do it or quit.

Students who go on rampages should be kicked out of school when they are doing things that are just asinine. If you are there to learn, LEARN. Just as a 16 year old sophomore has no business acting like an authority, a student that is spending their folks money have no business going to riots.

There are a lot of jobs out there right now that are going unfilled. It is a shame that because someone does not know who the boss is that person will be paying a debt for decades and flipping burgers. They could have had a great job.

This goes for professors who are hired to teach and do nothing but create problems for the school and the students that they are paid to teach. The ultimate thing that causes so much in the world are those who have a little authority that do not actually know who the boss is and do their job.

AND SPEAKING OF DOING THEIR JOBS! The Government is not the leaders of the people. We the people hire them to represent us and we expect that they do their jobs. Go ahead and keep ticking off the people who pay the bills. The boss will someday exert the authority to limit the time that a politician can spend in government.

And the media. It is no secret that the more you stir the pot and the more billions are spent for your advertising and your voice. The more you stir the more you will become totally ineffective.

As in the old Jerry Clower; story there needs to be more uping the zipper and downing the switch. And if you do not know that story maybe you should go back and listen to it.

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