WHO ME? The University of Kansas found a way to get national attention, other than basketball, by offering a new class. The class is about The Angry White Male. (note to students: make sure you put this prominently on your resume when you go out looking for a job. I am sure it will really help you. Just don’t expect to pay off your loans in any kind of a timely manner)

I can write on the rip off of higher education all I want and it will not have any effect on the high brow academics who teach your children how to get a job. You have to take into account that 95% of college educators are of a far liberal bent. Plus it is not surprising that our state institution of higher learning based in the Peoples Republic of Lawrence came up with this highly educational class.

Now I am not against education. I am firmly against indoctrination. Sadly that is what education seems to have become. Sorry to my teacher friends but there comes a time when standing up for what is right has to take place.

Our legislature keeps its hands off of education since they are engaged with the dictates of the Kansas Supreme Court. when pressed on educational standards my Representative leaves the standards to the State Board of Education. For the reason that the Board comes with new standards every seven years and by the time the Legislature takes up an issue and actually passes something, it is time for the new standards to go into effect and the process has to start all over. In the mean time our students are fed a bunch of pablum.

It is now being discovered (or reported on) that the last 8 years of Common Core have been a disaster. No thoughts on how the last generation is going to be educated and correct the terrible standard that Common Core has forced on them.

Now this column can be used as a case study for the new KU class. Since I am white, and this kind of education makes me angry. Now I am the classic Angry White Male.

Are the instructors of this class going to study about the old angry white men that are the leaders in the presidential primaries for their party? Fair is fair.

A friend of mine who has labored and put in so much blood sweat and tears has been trying to get her masters in History. But falls short. Yet she has done more in history than any professor who is grading her thesis. If there is anyone who is more qualified to have the sheep skin on her wall, I have not heard about them. Yet this is the University system. (if she keeps going it will cost another fortune, is this the basis of holding her back?)

I went round and around with a historian about a project that was being done. After the battle was over the historian looked at me and told me “don’t ever not consider yourself to be a historian. You gave as good a battle over the facts as anyone with a set of letters behind their name.” I took that as a compliment and a truth.

I consider that vast amount of experience and study that I do on history to be unimpeded by a rigid set of rules that is imposed by an institution on me.

We visited with a lady the other day who mentioned that she had a son that was a senior in a University. My mom asked her if they had ruined him? Her answer was that “we now don’t talk politics when he is around.” Why is it the duty of the parents to pay for a sons indoctrination that when he comes home he has lost any values that he left home with and a straight forward conversation is now no longer possible when he comes home.

A business article the other day said that employees were happy when they could get the company to get involved in politics. This is why there are a lot of companies that I and others will not do business with. If you are working for stockholders it is the responsibility to return profits to the investors. Politics has killed the sales of many companies whose customers simply will not support them if they are trying to take the freedoms away that our Constitution and Declaration of Independence have given us. We are not required to support tyranny.

You are free to agree or disagree with me. This is still The United States and we are still ‘semi’ free.

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