Henry Kissinger


We have enjoyed the pleasure of living in a country that has health standards, relatively clean water, and abundant food. We enjoy a higher standard of living than the world has ever seen.

Organizations who raise money to help the poor of the world only have to show pictures of how people are forced to live in the third world countries. And Americans are always good for the charity of helping out and feel good about it.

But who is responsible for the pictures of LA, San Francisco, Baltimore, and others right here in the US that are now nothing more than third world areas?

The world has learned how to control the diseases of the middle ages and other horrible plagues that killed millions of people. Since the time that germs and other pathogens were identified all of these terrible plagues have been controlled.

Yet now we are seeing a resurgence of these horrible things all because of the loss of common sense and a rebellion against the country and standards that we have achieved.

Seattle and others who have started to allow the homeless to set up anywhere are bringing about their own destruction. Because there is no responsibility left in the government or individuals.

The destruction of the country is linked hand in hand with the liberties that are uncoupled from responsibility. How will the coming plagues be stopped? Well you could start out by stopping defecating on the street.

We have been warned that the trash, homeless, and filth on the streets of the large cities are going to create plagues that are right out of the dark ages. When they break out it will be all but impossible to keep the death and dying away from populations who are innocent of the political suicide that these progressively run cities will not stop.

Maybe when the headlines scream the ‘BLACK PLAGUE KILLS MILLIONS’ will communities come back to their senses. In the mean time the exodus from these states and cities continues as those who can get out are booming areas like Texas, Montana, and Arizona. The problem is that by them escaping the lunacy of the radical cities they bring their politics along with them.

In the last month there have been over 1000 earthquakes in California. Maybe God is giving a warning to Sodom and Gomorrah. Just saying.



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