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With the latest wranglings in Washington it seems interesting that the new health care bill is being protested by people who have not read it yet.  This applies to the ones being dragged out in hand cuffs as well as those setting in the seats who are supposed to be representing those who elected them.  Actually they are suppose to represent everyone but I am not naive enough to believe they do on either side.

So with Obama Care falling apart and health care bankrupting people there is one fundamental place to start.  Do one thing right then move on to the next.

If you are like me you are so sick of advertisements for drugs they have to put pronounceable names on to help you from illness and symptoms of things I never heard of and some I don’t want to hear about.  One of my pet peeves is to be bombarded by mindless advertising on a system that I pay too much for that has very little to watch on.  But I digress.

I believe that if you gripe about something you should not do it just to be grumpy.  I believe there should be a solution you are proposing if you claim the right to gripe.  So to help cut costs in health care here is my first step.


If your doctor does not know about a drug to prescribe to you, you should not be going to  him or her.  I have never ever tried to get my doctor to put me on a prescription because I saw it on TV, or anywhere.  My doctor tells me what I am going to take.

Billions of dollars are spent by pharmaceutical companies on advertising.  That money would be better spent in research and bringing down the cost of drugs.  If the drug companies had to face the same bans that cigarette companies do there could be a drop in the cost of health.

I am sure you would find a drop in hypochondriacs who try to diagnosis themselves and tell the doctors how to do their jobs.  But most of all the cost of prescriptions would go down and the amount invested in research would go up.

Step Two:

I have been advocating the Constitutional Amendment for years (even when Snope’s calls it an Urban Myth) putting a term limit on holding Federal office. A maximum of 12 years for House and Senate combined.

The Founding Fathers never intended for holding office to become a profession.  Their intent was for citizen legislators who would serve as an obligation, and go home to their original occupations.

Step Three:

Any appropriation bill that would aid a country would have to stand on its own merit. As it is all foreign aid is bundled in one bill and passed (you know pass it before you read it). any country that is not a alley in good standing gets no money, period.

I will stop here but there is more I would add.


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