Sitting Bull


We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights for a reason. All of our officials take an oath from swearing into the military, becoming a mayor, becoming a township official, becoming a police officer, firefighter, or EMT.

The oath is to UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. There is no excuse to turn our rights on our heads.

When this country was formed there was a choice to live with danger in order for the individual to thrive. And to limit government tyranny and make it accountable to the citizen.

We have so far educated our citizens to believe that the government is the granter of rights. What is granted can be taken away.

Yes we are at war. But the enemy is not in tanks rolling down our streets. It is a philosophy that believes in total control and we have allowed them to buy their way into our lives. Those who have made enormous profits by cooperating with the enemy are now trying to say that they can do everything from chip you to identify you, to tracking you for your movements, and require documents that prove you are immune to the latest pestilence.

We have supported our first responders and have fought against those who put them in danger. Only to have them turn on the people in some places and persecute the citizen on orders from a Mayor or Governor.

We are Americans and we accept risk. by far the majority are doing good things and following guidelines only to have a gun and threat of outrageous fines levied against them for exercising their rights.

We will get beyond this virus. But we will never get beyond being harassed by staying in our cars going to outdoor church celebrations.

We will grow our gardens as we see fit even if a Governor decides to become a Nazi. We will go about what we need to do. If a liquor store, grocery store, and abortion clinic can be open, we will follow our hearts even if there is risk.

We will get back to work. You cannot shut down the most robust economy in the world just to create political fights and try to abuse the citizens of this country.

We are not waiting for our checks. We are ready to clock in. If Ms. Pollosi thinks that we are going to feel beholding to her she had better pack her bags.

You do not rob the citizen of their rights in hard times!

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