Saint Augustine


What just happened? We have made it through Easter ending the forty days that Christians have spent preparing for. Many made their one trip of the year to a service and it makes them feel better. They tell us that more and more are not going to a service and many just get caught up in the worlds many distractions. Many say that they are “spiritual” but not a member of any congregation.

This explains the current loss of more and more freedoms as scandal after scandal shake the political world. Well Satan is feeling pretty full of himself. Afterall he does rule the world and the nation that was created under God’s providence is slowly turning away from God given rights to the edicts of people dedicated to serving the darkside. The war that should have never again occurred is know raging. The powerful nations that ignore God are threatening war. Like the Roman Empire the corrupt leadership continues to be self centered and will be taken down by Barbarians.

As for my house, we will  serve the Lord. Remember the passage? Well we do.

I hope that you had a good gathering this year celebrating the Risen Christ. No matter what I say or write, the world will continue to hate the followers of love and peace.

The words of Saint Augustine should remind us that we are truly unique individuals. Being that we are each his or her one of a kind, remember that each will give account for our sins individually. Knowing that no matter what I do I will depend on the mercy of the one who paid the price of our sins. But that don’t mean we put the Lord God to the test. We at least need to make the effort.


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