Marcus Garvey


I always seem to stir up teachers with my opinions and if I do they are not fully reading or understanding why I am ticked at the educational system. For the record I know and am related to a lot of good teachers. I support good teachers and am at odds with teachers who want to divert the process of actually teaching facts and promoting good exchange of ideas. The inclusion of political ideology should be reserved for government class where the examination of various forms of government can be historically taken apart and the results be examined.

I am always outraged at those who insist that the United States is a Democracy. Which it isn’t! I have written time and again that we are a Representative Republic. A republic gives rights to minorities in a system governed by a Constitution and laws. Although there has been a perversion of a lot of functions of government the Republic is still the best form of government ever devised.

Yes with it’s faults and foibles when compared to other forms of government it is still the only system that gives rights and responsibilities to the individual. The people are governed by their own consent and not by the largesse of the government itself.

Democracy is majority rule and that is rule by bullying consent of the majority. So why does this constant use of the term democracy exist? For the same reason that Communist and Socialist have been changed to Progressive. Starting at the turn of the century (1900) the consistent manipulation of laws and moving power from the governed to the governors has been so well documented that if you are not familiar with them you have been either willfully or purposefully diverted from the knowledge of history.

When I graduated from high school the history class was taught by a man who was a historian. Another teacher who was a historian created a class that was only taught at this school and not duplicated in other places as far as I can tell. Immediately after graduation I started hearing about a move to rewrite the history books but it was not an update it was a revision. I have written for years and advocated against the revision of history and yet people who should have know better went along with it.

The first part of dismantling a country is to destroy it’s history and replace it with an acceptable narrative. Acceptable for those who are in power or were in pursuit of it. Going by the large number of interviews being done on college campuses it looks as if the job has been done.

We are acknowledging the horrible Nazi act of the Holocaust and they are now showing that a huge number of students and young Americans have no idea what it was. President Eisenhower predicted this and gave the order, when the concentration camps were liberated, to film and photograph as much of the horror as possible. This because “at some point in the future somebody will deny that the Holocaust ever occurred and we must guard against this happening.” Well guess what? It is happening.

I have been critical of many schools because of the people I know who graduated and could not read or write. I have supported home schooling because of the high results that many of these students end up with. But I am even more mad at the home schoolers who simply are too cheap to educate their kids. This from people I know who have to teach grown home schooled people how to read and write.

I applaud the great teachers in schools or homes and condemn the bad teachers in both places.

When finishing the writing and signing of out Declaration of Independence a lady asked Benjamin Franklin what they had done? His reply was “We give you a Republic, if you can keep it.”

Individual responsibility is the foundation of our country, government, and society. The demise will be the collective surrender of individual responsibilities and giving up of individual freedoms for the promise of something that will be done for you without your effort.

As it has been said that “anyone who will give up freedom for some seeming safety, deserves neither freedom nor safety.”


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  • Jim Farrell
    Posted at 05:43h, 21 April

    Roger ! Sadly you are spot on again. I’ve been very sick for a while. And with my work piling up I haven’t been able to check all my info sites on email much less been able to get to the Bunkhouse. I’m starting to get around this weekend a little but am still very weak. Hopefully soon, Martha and I will see you all again. There is a very concerted attempt to change America from within. Hold fast with our other Constitutionalist conservatives in your writings and by God’s power we will weather the storm in our time. God bless You and your Family… Martha and I send our Love. Jim (your other brother)