Harry S. Truman


It tickles me that the ‘elites’ in the beltway, and on the coasts are just puzzled as to what is happening today. When there is a constant narrative of hate and twisting the story at all costs what does the American people do? They ignore all of it and act like decent people. That really is beyond understanding of those who are dead set on changing America into something from a bad novel.

The worst event in years hits Texas and Louisiana and what do you know, all differences are gone and people help each other. No one asked or even cared about the politics they just saw people in need and stepped up to help.

We have seen this before right here at home. Anderson Creek fire in 2016 and the Starbuck Fire in 2017 occurred and help came from hundreds of miles away. Not one truck load of hay or supplies was held up by asking who did you vote for. It was not important.

And yet a professor in some university has the stupidest remark ever heard, Texas deserved it because they voted for Trump. This guy is paid to teach kids? It was not noticed that any hate group showed up to rescue people from rising water, sent supplies, or came to do what ever they could to help out.

The biggest joke is that the news media cannot understand all this. There were reports that tried to steer interviews into criticizing the President, the Governor, FEMA, and the military and most times the reporter had it laid back on them and were chewed out for trying to change the story from what it is into what they want it to be.

And then there are those who bring out the tired old global warming argument again. If the fact that emotion and a designed narrative is brought to the argument by those invested in the theory is used rather than fact and the point that there has been continual climate change ever since this planet began. Measurements have only been around for 100 years in a million of billion year history. The best they can do is computer models. That won’t get you very far since all the computer models have been wrong so far. Reminds me of the story of the island in the South Pacific that is eroding away and they believe the sea is rising because of global warming. On cue the natives answer the question “who do you hate? The United States”. One of the most lame stories I have seen for a while.

In the mean time as the media is focused on the hurricane they ignore the fact that that Montana and Idaho has multiple fires of 40,000+ acres. Evacuations are going on there also. Guess what? People are stepping up and helping there too. It does not take a media show to deal with disaster.

Then there is the ignoring of the story that several supporters of the Bundy’s that have been jailed, gone to trial twice, been acquitted twice, are now still in jail and being tried for a third time. Even though the judge excluded evidence and denied a defense, and the Bureau of Land Management and Federal Prosecutors withheld evidence, have not been able to fool a jury that stared aghast at the miscarriage of justice that they were witnessing. The jury could see the deliberate manipulation of the case to the detriment of the defendants and refused to convict.

It is just a travesty that the news and elites cannot believe that people are above the petty politics that they live to perpetuate.

I guess the Russians did it.

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