George Orwell


If you have not seen the whining of the Mayor of New York City on the news, maybe you should try a different news channel. The honorable,( cough cough), Mayor is upset with busloads of illegal aliens being bused into town from Texas. He wants Slow Joe to call out the National Guard to assist the city with these ‘undesirables’ coming to town.

I have not seen the pictures, of the hundreds of illegal’s being offloaded from the airliners at two am that Homeland security is dumping on the citizens, of his honor waiting on the tarmac. He has not called for the National Guard for that. The first bus that Texas sent them had forty disembark for their new lives in the Big Apple. The second bus was supposed to have forty but only fourteen got off. The Mayor complained that he was expecting forty.

Where did the others go from that bus? When they found out they were going to New York they bailed out. A lot of those people come from countries where their lives are in danger and where freedoms are taken away. New York is worse than where they came from, can you blame them for not wanting to live in New York?

Talk about Captain Obvious, the people of this country are being flooded with people that no one knows who they are coming to our country. The demon class seems to believe that laws only apply to some. How can a president be impeached for a false story, a ridiculous phone call, or just for being obnoxious, and another president is praised for not enforcing the law?

How do district attorneys not enforce laws without being impeached? A few places are recalling some of the Soros elected attorneys, how many places are now in a race to be the murder capital of the world? Anybody from the president on down that violates their oath of office should be in court themselves. I don’t believe you and I could break the law and not end up in jail.

This next election may be the final chance we have to save our country. But then Arizona found 100,000 ballots sitting somewhere that had not been counted, again. Do you think we are safe? 

Well Duh!

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