Robert E. Lee


For those who recognize what war actually is the definition may have to be rewritten. It is not always the call to arms and groups assembling on a field and young blood spilled for some cause determined by those who do not have to pay the price.

War has taken a new shape. Swords can be rattled and armies march and navies sail but there are new ways of conducting warfare now. But you have to recognize what it is.

Back in the 1980’s a book came out (don’t hold me to the exact date) by a pair of professors back East called LET THE BUFFALO ROAM. It was astonishing reading because it seemed to this flat country boy that there could not be people stupid enough to propose depopulating the  Great Plains and turn it into a big Buffalo Common. From Mexico to Canada, the breadbasket of the world, would be turned back into one long stretch of grass and the buffalo could roam like they did before the white man came to the plains. At least those with plows. Now you can go to a website and see the progress of the movement.

Remember at the time we were looking at the ‘experts’ warnings on Global Cooling? It was also projected that the human race would be exploding all over the planet. There was the ‘urgent need’ to get abortion available world wide. Thus people like Bill Gates believe that 10 million people need to be removed from the population. worldwide around 100 million have been by abortion.

China was a 40 million population country that the stories during the Vietnam War talked of them marching millions side by side overwhelming their enemies by the sheer might of their numbers. So Nixon went to China and made them our ‘friends’.

What have they given back? Getting our jobs moved there to use the slave labor to build our junk so that we could fill warehouse size stores with it. Then we got dog treats that poisoned our pets, drywall that was contaminated with formaldehyde, and companies lost their patent rights. Then they started buying out companies here so that they control a large segment of our food processing.

Many of the plants that are closing down are Chinese owned. Now the talk is all about food shortages, but hold on! We are mowing off vegetables, aborting piglets, gassing chickens, and readying veterinarians to put down cattle. When we have ample demand.

Now the first load of beef from Namibia has come to the US. We are getting beef from New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and other South American countries, and getting ready to kill our own.

The blueprint for what is happening has been out there since 1984, the book. But has been around as long as Saul Alinsky. The movement has been happening since the World Wildlife fund was allowed to become board members of the Cattleman’s Beef Association.

The virus that we are dealing with now showed up in two different books of fiction by million selling authors Over 40 years ago. Described 100% as to what has happened, as well as a 1980’s version of the Almanac.

How many celebrities and politicians have said that it would take a complete collapse of our economy to remove President Trump after they failed in every scheme?

Overreaching politicians drunk on power trash the Constitution in order to ‘protect’ us. One Governor even admitting that he never thought of the Constitution and it was above his “pay grade”.

There is one Governor who did not adopt draconian measures because she “trusted her citizens”. What an original concept.

Yes whether you believe it or not we are at war.

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