George Orwell

    Most will read this after 9-11 is over.  That is OK because it is an emotional time for me and I like to have a couple days to simmer down when I commit my opinion to print.

     9-11 is so important to me because I sat and watched the entire attack on our country happen.  I saw the second plane hit the tower live.  I watched the tremendous response of police, fire, and EMS going full speed toward a situation that as a firefighter I could not imagine how it was going to be dealt with, with any kind of success.

      As a retired firefighter/EMT it was in the back of my mind that this was going to be a bad day for the first res-ponders.  And I remember the empty feeling when the towers came down and realizing that all the people who went to help and those needing help were killed.  To say I was both numb and outraged is not a contradiction.

     We as a country and as a people were attacked by a culture and religion who has sworn to destroy us.  No twisting of the facts can erase the fact that the country and world has been fighting this religion since it’s inception.  They tell us this.  I can not understand how this fact can be changed by the continued repeating of lies.

     We were more united on September 12 than any time since December 7th, 1942.  When we back-lashed at those who attacked us it is the fulfillment of a promise that our nation has maintained since it’s break from King George and England.  The promise of swift and united retaliation is why the Cold War was just that and never came to a full face off in a war.  No one would win.  Peace, though tense, reigned and in the end prevailed.

     Now we have allowed the word twisters and pundits who have no sense of right and wrong to take our country and divide it along every line that can be drawn.  While full well knowing that we have known this blue print since the early 1900’s.  Even as far back as Lincoln who knew that a ‘house divided can not stand’.

      When the truth of the very founding of this country has been deliberately dismissed and lied about and the lie is taught in our institutions as bad, we are lost.  A wise man said that freedom is always one generation from loss.  It has never been so close as it is today.

     Our pulpits are prohibited from speaking on the political ills of today because they are under threat from a government that holds its taxation authority over them.  Too many fall for the golden calf when the original revolution was lead by the ‘Black Robe Brigade’.  Now there is the fear of not being ‘correct’ in the teachings that have been unchanged since the sacrifice on the cross.

     Many know that this country was founded and dedicated to the trust in the Creator and believe that they have no obligation to do what is right.  Those who believe this forget that Israel was conquered more than once and only recovered when they turned back to the principles that were laid down on a mountain.  The same principles that this nation was founded on.

     The choice to follow the path we are on or turn back to being American’s and a favored people is coming in a few weeks.  It is time to re-evaluate what principles you actually believe in and live by.  If you fall for the Siren song of the voice politic and use no common sense then you bring on what is deserved by some on all.

     I would take some time to ask yourself what is real and what is a lie.  Will you drink the cool aid or not?

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