Well those who cannot stand prosperity if their sensibilities are injured, are now giddy with the prospects of a new president. The glory days of paying for the worlds security, killing our companies, increasing unemployment, kissing our enemies posteriors, raising taxes, raising the price of gas, and sending our youth to die in other peoples wars will now return.

All my demoncratic friends are just giddy! We are now told we must accept election results and support our new Geriatric in Chief. Even though they did not accept election results for the last four years. We are to accept voting precincts with more votes than registered voters. We are to accept machines that programs flip votes. We are to ignore sworn affidavits of people who witnessed fraud, we are to ignore courts who cannot read the Constitution.

Those who have taken their news from the networks, CNN, PMSNBC, and Facebook are surprised to now learn of Hunter Biden, his laptop, and sworn statement from his company manager that there has been illegal activities and payments from Russia and China. They are so surprised that they would not have voted for Biden.

The all consuming hate for President Trump makes elites want to join the One World Government people in destroying the greatest country on earth. Don’t worry about plays like Camelot in a hundred years, you have erased history and the freedom to mourn the loss for your great grand children.

I have been spoken down to by those who consider themselves to be above my thinking. It is disappointing to me that people whom I look up to believe in things that are obvious lies. Hate is a horrible thing.

Through out my life I have had friends from all walks of life. All so varied that it has been a great life. It is a shame that some now will turn a back because of politics.

Life, Freedom, and Faith are not worth the thirty pieces of silver that we have been sold out for.

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