Ingrid Newkirk


Is there any tyranny that is more aggressive and just plain irritating as that of the Vegan? Now if you want to come and get some of my grass clippings to snack on, I have no problem with it. Just don’t try to brow beat me into joining you.

The biggest problem with Vegan activists is the fact that they cannot keep themselves eating garbanzo beans to themselves. They think that they have to impose their beliefs on all of those around them.

Now I will be happy to set down with you at my favorite steak house and let you feast on the salad bar while I munch on my *Dodge City Strip or Prime Rib. I might have a bit of salad on the side just to make you feel better. (excuse me, a little more Au-jou please waiter)

Now the activist Vegan movement has convinced Cargill, and other meat companies to create fake meat. (thought you did not like meat?)

So the burger giant Burger King comes out with a fake burger that has 3x more calories and a list of unpronounceable ingredients to satisfy the Vegan. So can the Vegan be satisfied with the fake burger? NOPE!

One vegan that has a willing lawyer friend has now filed suit against Burger King alleging that the fake burger is grilled on the same grill that has beef fat on it. This would be a horrible offense if the person that does not like beef and orders a fake burger would find it possible that being under the same roof with beef would be offensive. Oh the horror!

How about Veggy just not going to Burger King and leave people alone? Go to your room and open a can of gourmet garbanzo beans and pig out?

The next big thing is to grow real meat from cells in a laboratory in order to eliminate the cattle industry. So this still leaves Mr. Veggy out in the cold. Other than he will be very happy to put the food industry out of business. I am not really for pharmaceutical companies creating what we eat. Compared to the cost of eating now and the cost of drugs, this will really work well.

*Some call the cut a KC Strip or New York Strip. We birth them grow them, fatten them, and process them. Why should we call them anything else that a Dodge City Strip. All I see KC and NY doing is hogging the prime cuts and calling them their own like they really had anything to do with creating the ambrosia.

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