James Baldwin


Today as a Christian and a Conservative we are expected to be ‘tolerant’ of about everything that we do not believe in. If we fight back against the obvious wrongs of society we are admonished as not being ‘good Christians’.

Every group that has a perversion or a hate filled agenda is expecting me to tolerate whatever they are doing. In fact if you are in an area that is controlled by left wing nut cases you can pretty well expect to be attacked by the hate groups such as Antifa. These groups don’t seem to fear being arrested since the mayors of these places tell the police to stand down and let the rioters have free reign.

A friend of mine that has a grandson going to one of the liberal bastions of higher education, when asked about the rioters on his campus he tells him,”they were not students here, they all just showed up.”

When I do anything that someone is offended by I am admonished as to myself not being a good person. Well I am offended by all of these groups so why should I remain silent about it?

The worst things are happening mostly because the ‘tolerance’ for them has increased and those of us who disagree are expected to be quiet and except everything.

The Epstein case will soon blow up in proportions that no one could expect. Mostly because it was ignored and accepted by those in powerful positions who thought that they could play the game and never have to pay for it.

I am offended by the main line media constantly spreading hate non stop and trying to take down a president that was legally elected. I am supposed to ignore all of the hate because when I was not happy with the previous president and everything that he did that offended me, I was told to respect the office. This from the same people who are now yelling and screaming to take down our president.

Sorry to all who hope to keep me quiet because they believe that I should be tolerant. Not happening anymore. Trying to force me to shut up is Tyranny and I am not playing your game anymore.

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