Hubert H. Humphrey


Well the irritating election season is finally behind us and as usual it just means that the next season is about to start full swing. As if 15 or 16 candidates for the Republican’s was not irritating enough the next election cycle means that 30 or 40 Democrat’s will be running.

As usual the Republicans who had majorities in the House, Senate, and Presidency could not do anything. The cycle of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory need to be tattooed on their foreheads.

The victory of President Trump was a huge surprise to many because all of the talking heads and polls were saying that he would never win. SURPRISE! We now have a whole party who used the name Progressive that finally owned up to being Socialist. Which in reality is Communist. How is it going for you-all in Valenzuela?

We here in Kansas elected a Governor who ran against Brownback and won. Except Brownback was not on the ballot. Now we have representatives who are announcing their move from the Republican Party to the Democrats. Pretty sure they were elected as the big R in their districts. I am OK with them becoming Democrats if this is what they want. They should do it before the election to be honest. So those who voted for a Republican actually were voting between two Democrats. Spare me the excuses. This is just dishonest.

I am wondering when there is going to be elected officials that can actually do something in the best interest of the American People, or Kansans for that matter?

Now before I start getting hammered for being registered as a Republican I have explained before that I am a Conservative. If I want to have any vote in my county at all I have to be. The Democrats do not even put up a candidate here since the county is 95% Republican. I have always taken the Independent outlook. It is just that the last Democrat I supported was voted out because he was effective in the legislature. (we just cannot have someone talking common sense).

Politics disappoint me mostly because the educational system has ceased teaching what it is and now only indoctrinates the accepted Progressive line. Students can now no longer do math either.

How screwed up can things get when the whole substance of the law is based on 10 fundamental rules? These rules can no longer be taught.

There are a couple of popular sayings that I like right now online. One is someone asking God “why he allows violence to occur in the schools. His answer: I am no longer allowed in the schools.”

The other saying is someone asking God “why he never sent someone to cure Cancer? God’s answer: I did, you aborted him.”




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