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     I just was called a ‘knee jerk reactionary’ by someone I don’t even know for an explanation I made to some comments.  This is what I KNOW EVERYTHING AND YOU DON’T politics is about.  When there is a disagreement the volume is turned up and the shout downs begin.  This shows a severe lack in either tact or knowledge.  This seems to be the spirit of the country at large throughout this whole political season.

     Just so you understand the position I took and explained was not about the race for fearless leader.  There needs to be a real turn down in the volume today.  I have never seen an argument that was ever settled by name calling or impolite behavior.

     Being out here surrounded by all of the beauty of the hills and the peace and quiet I have come to cherish all of this.  Sometimes it is a real slap in the face when you turn on the boob tube or go online and have the mindless screaming from all sides making this one of the worst seasons I have ever seen.

     I am not a huge sports fan but I find myself watching less and less of any event because there is always some spoiled over paid person kneeling during our national anthem. Now others who have no idea of what they are doing are taking the knee just because they want to display their sympathy.

     We had a parade in town a while back and the Patriot Guard led the way with all of their American Flags and there was not one person that took a knee.  We meet the men and women that have made the sacrifice of serving to protect our freedoms everyday.  If not by themselves but then by one of their family who never came home or did so in a flag draped box.

     We call this respect.  We have the recognition that even though the country is not perfect many have died or sacrificed their health for it.  And I do not know any place in the world that I would leave this country behind to go to.

     All the people who believe that they are something and threaten to leave the country if someone they hate is elected, they should go ahead and go.  They will not be missed and they will soon find out that they left the country that was bought and paid for in blood so they could act like complete idiots.  I believe that the people that raise the volume to make this threat are simply telling a lie.  I don’t believe for a minute that they will leave.

     There is no way that anyone can persuade anyone else to agree with them by raising the volume and calling names.  If the case cannot be made in civil conversation then the opposing parties should shake hands and agree to disagree.

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