Lois McMaster Bujold


It is with great expectations that we wait for the approval and distribution of the vaccines for the Covid virus. But can we take out the politics for a moment? I guess not.

If the normal process were to be followed it would still be five to ten years before a vaccine would have been approved. Who went to a war footing to get this for the world? 72 million of us know. The rest?

Our Governor in Kansas has announced that the shots will be shipped into the state soon. HOLD IT ONE SECOND! The first batch of the vaccine came off the line in August in McPherson. More batches have been produced, so there are several million doses here in the state waiting to be approved. How are they going to be shipped in when they are already here?

Early in this crisis supplies were in short supply for the state even though they are made in Lenexa. Seems to be a pattern here.

News reports are now airing that shipping is going to be a problem. Since when? The military has geared up to deliver vaccine all over the country.

Curious that the announcements about the vaccines came just after the election. Is the new administration going to let production of our medical supplies go back to China?

Now that we know that medical research can actually work in a fast manor, will they? We know that the Demoncrats love abortion. They are also fond of assisted suicide. Will the old drag your feet and spend billions come back so the older population can be euthanized with out actually passing a law? After all babies can’t vote but the dead seem to vote forever.

How much longer will you put up with government officials telling you that you cannot be in business? Are you going to willingly send your children off to war in places you cannot spell or pronounce?

Are you going to allow celebrities and others attack and cancel you for thinking on your own. I have seen people who never would be happy with the opposite parties elected president. But I have never seen one man that was hated so bad that an entire party is willing to destroy the country because of it.

As for me I will still pray for the United States of America. Not We the World.

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