Sojourner Truth


Truth has a way of slapping our face. Many will not recognize it, many will ignore it, but it is a careless person who dismisses it.

No matter who we think we are or what others think of us the truth is that we start to die the moment we are born. Our space is within a time capsule that we do not know how or how long it is defined. The sad part is that today’s culture drives the lines of truth into the realm of the absurd.

I have to admit that I have had a very interesting life. I have done things that I could not have imagined. I have met and become friends with people I would have never imagined. I have been allowed to take a small amount of talent that I was give and be able to do some very interesting things because of it.

I have to be truthful that I have not been overwhelmingly successful but compared to anyone who has been give so much I am proud of what little I have been able to do.

I grew up as a dreamer and my downfall is that I had so many interests and not enough time or money to follow all of them. I have had too many ideas bombard my brain and lacked the ability to share the insight with others for most of them to ever be tried.

But I have had a couple of good ones and to see a project grow from an idea, to a passion, to a full blown production was the highlight of my life.

Truth always has a way of beating you on the head and time is the deadline that steals your resources and provides the final deadline. Without going into a long story of health and other truths, that final deadline is still out there somewhere.

Last week I missed my first deadline since I started writing my thoughts from up here on the hill. I believe around 2011. I always try to have a story one week ahead in case I have a bad week. But I was caught short.

Even though my chronic problems are a constant diversion it was a sudden attack of something that put me down and put me close (literally) to the final deadline. Considering that I spent several days sleeping at least 15 hours a day I am starting to pull out of it.

As I am in the middle of my second book, publishing a newsletter, and catching up here. I am hoping that this will soon be over and I am back to the computer hacking away.

There was one more complication last week. Everyone in our house has been down sick. But things are getting better.

Here is to truth! Recognize that what seems popular is very seldom the truth.

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