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What gets peoples undivided attention in Kansas? Shout TORNADO! I want to commend the residents of Andover for learning the lesson so well this time. When the word tornado was shouted and the sirens went off All-Ya-All paid attention! Thirty-one years ago that was not the case and there were many deaths. This time just four minor injuries.

It goes without saying after every tornado that it could have been worse. But this was an EF-3. Thirty-one years ago it was an EF-5. Even with the smaller event many lives have been affected forever. When it is your home destroyed it is as bad as it can get. But of course there was insult to injury, Looters!

It takes a low down, worthless, gutter snipe, worthless human being to loot peoples houses after such a devastating event. Thank goodness Jesus loves you because you are a worthless rat to good people. A person devastated by such a terrible event should not have to sit on his front step with a shotgun to protect what little he has left. Not to advocate anything, but, a little buckshot in the butt is what a looter needs. Disasters like this bring out the best and worst in people.

Thirty-one years ago when the tornado had been on the ground since Clearwater, there were people out walking their dogs and acting like nothing was happening. There is film from a police squad car telling people to take shelter. There was a lot of backlash about a storm siren that was not working, yet even with the police warning them that a tornado was coming, many did not pay attention. And there were several people killed.

This time people paid attention. A good friend of mine lives in Andover. When the warning was given they headed for shelter, (their apartment building does not have one), they pulled out to drive to the church that was their designated shelter and the tornado was right there. Rather than panic they turned west and drove into Sedgwick County. Driving at a 90 degree angle. They are OK and their apartment did not get hit. Staying calm and making good decisions saved them.

Paying attention and making good decisions are the hallmark of this Andover Tornado.

We have been blessed for the last few years with lower than normal tornadoes in Kansas. We are happy to get rain but not the tornadoes. Some say that things are getting worse. Well what is normal for Kansas weather? I have seen seven funnel clouds in the sky at the same time. That has not happened for a long time. We get crazy weather as a norm in Kansas. Why do you think that all the meteorologists come to Kansas and Oklahoma?

There is one tragic note. Three student chasers from OSU were returning home from the Andover tornado and were involved in an accident with a semi truck. All three students were killed. Say a prayer for the students and families. And pray for those who lost so much in Andover.

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