William Gibson


The new born baby in my arms was a wonder and when he became my godson he became even more special. I don’t consider myself to be a great godfather, but the three kids that became my pride and joy have been a delight. One became a school teacher and now is called Doctor. One has been a great athlete and student but I have not had a lot of contact with, I am still proud of.

This boy always had a look of wonder about him. He had taken a long time to talk but could tell you a story with his eyes. I always said he would just start talking like an adult. With a lot of hard work and some eye surgeries he made it through grade school and high school. Nick went on to Pittsburgh State. Our little Bob the Builder is graduating with honors at the top of his class and will soon be a real ‘Bob the Builder’.

The construction company that he interned with through college has offered him a full time position. Yes, you might say that I am proud, In fact bustin my buttons would be an accurate term. What makes me so proud is that by having a goal and working hard he not only achieved what he wanted, but kept his faith and did not let the “college’ life ruin him like it does to so many.

Nick made it through because he knows that there is no ‘free lunch’. That success requires hard work, dedication, and strong faith. He also has faith in his goals and dreams. How many settle for just getting by in their lives and end up wasting them?

Not only am I proud of Nick but his parents, brothers, grandparents, great grandmother, a whole bunch of cousins and friends. Not that Nick needs any pressure but there is a whole bunch expected for the new life and career ahead of him.

There are a lot of people that lament ‘what has happened to kids nowadays?’ Well they grow up to set examples for others to follow. They show that false promises put out by the world can be overcome. Work is not just for the here and now, but it is for tomorrow and eternity. Life is not going to be easy, it is a road to build. If you are on a smooth straight paved road through life it leads straight to Hell.

Here’s to Bob the Builder Nick Anderson!

There is hope for this world.

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