William Penn

      It was a wonderful sunrise out here on the hill today.  I see a lot of great sunrises and sunsets and feel bad for those who never take the time or have the opportunity to enjoy such a great sight.  Time, it seems, is moving too fast for many and yet people don’t take the time to utilize it for useful means, like feeding their spirit.

     I have been reflecting on the friendships that I have had in my life and how many friends have been lost over the years.  Too much dwelling on this may seem morbid and I do not want my story to take the tone of being depressed.  Friends spice a life and it is normal to have a hole in your life when one leaves.

     I received the news that an old school buddy of mine passed away and I have been reflecting on the fact that I lost track of him a long time ago.  There were three of us that ran around together all through high school and it was certainly an odd group.  What we all had in common was the love of hunting and fishing.  We also were in sports but we were not jocks and we did not belong to the ‘in’ crowd.  Otherwise all three of use were as different as night and day.

     As we left school and went our own ways our paths did not cross very often and being close friends was just not what happened.  I was so happy to get out of school and get on with a life and they were both the same way, our lives were just different.

      As I am thinking about the loss of an old friend the fact that time is creeping up on us is very much at the forefront of how I look at everything.  What I considered important long ago is trivial now.  The things I treasure are not what I held dear even a few years ago.  It pains me that I probably will not be able to make my friends memorial but the reality is that I cannot travel even short distances like I used to.  As I remember my friend I have the memories of the good times to keep with me.

     It is important, more now than ever, to tell your friends how much you appreciate and treasure them.  They won’t be there when you get to the memorial, those are for the living.  We get caught up in things like elections, making a living, pursuing dreams and it is the friendships that matter more than any of these, even when you are not with them in the end.

       What is so sad today is that things like politics and petty bickering can drive friends apart.  No matter what the separation is and whatever reason my friend is always a friend and I will cherish that forever.

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