John  15:13


Today in the media, and the left wing segments, is the new mantra that “thoughts and prayers no longer mean anything.” The move to take Christ out of absolutely everything shows its true colors in this. The outrage that these groups now take is based on what? The morality that our civilizations are based upon come from ten simple commandments that the left is fighting so hard to do away with.

The first thing that these groups do when another horrific shooting takes place on school grounds is to push the agenda to punish the innocent who do nothing. Using these incidents for the admitted dismantling of our Constitution and country is beyond the evil that they are fighting so hard against.

The day that awareness that evil exists in our society, and the day we stop praying, is the day that this world falls into total corruption and all the things they carp about become the order of the day. When there is no foundation of morality the walls of society collapse. Upon the ruins of our country will allow the few who have been trying to destroy our country the means to put in place a tyranny as bad as the world has ever known.

When the people responsible for the safety of our children finally recognize that the evil reaches into every community and the security of our children has to take priority, then will something be done to stop the senseless shootings in our schools.

It is always bemoaned as each incident happens that the safety of our children in school should be a number one priority. And yet parents, teachers, school board members, law enforcement, and government drop the responsibility that each has to make sure that kids go to school with no fear of being killed.

Many teachers express that they do not want to be trained and carry a firearm. Others do not want to pay for the installation of cameras, fencing, security procedures. Yet they will at the airports, courthouses, and event centers. Every person of “importance” who espouse their hatred of guns surround themselves with armed security. Media and others want to divert attention and blame a group that has never broken the law, always supported the Constitution, provides training and safety for police and civilians. Everything to place blame and nothing to actually do something to protect what is most valuable.

Is it so much to ask that our children be educated, be protected, and grow up to be productive citizens? I am delusional to expect that there should be those who will protect and educate the children? As a historian the record of civilizations is very plain and most do not succeed for more than two hundred years. The United States has gone past that mark and not only our founders but our later leaders and citizens would be struck with horror as to what this society has become.

We are force fed images of every hate group in the world and told that they are in the right. We tolerate our laws being broken and our society being destroyed and are told it is what should happen. Well I am sorry but there is a lot of people who do not agree and stand up at the ballot box to right the wrongs.

And yet the degradation of our vote is being slowly taken away. Officials advocate those who have no right to vote the ability to vote. The voting machines in a large number of precincts will have no paper ballot to back up the electronic results. This opens the ability for fraud.

A little quip that I laugh at and yet it is true, ‘Charles Manson regained the right to vote this year.’

When will we, when will you, realize that evil can happen in any community? And when will we stand for no tolerance for bullying, political correctness, and lawlessness? When will we send Americans to Congress and make them work a full workday and come home when they are done and go back to their jobs? When will we put the Constitution and Bill of Rights back into law and not the activism of some group who stands for neither?


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