Victor Pinchuk


For those of you who insist on calling our country a democracy just look to the streets and witness what true democracy is, Mob Rule. The causes of the unrest in our country comes down to the diversion of real education and the indoctrination of a society. Those who study true history do not judge it by the standards of today. But revisionists do.

This country is a Representative Republic and it is governed by a Constitution and Bill of Rights which take their foundation from the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers. If you are so stubborn as to still use the term Democratic just look to the French Revolution where every grievance anyone had could be used to send people to the guillotine.

Does something look familiar on the news? The tearing down of statues, destruction of monuments, and erasing of history that is being attempted on US soil is the same that was used by Hitler, Stalin, Isis, and every other would be dictator. The use of names that have no true meaning and using masks to come to demonstrations is an act that is designed to upset and create violence.

Hasn’t the world, and haven’t you had enough of this? Anyone who will take the time to simply read can see what all this is. The discovery of the set of rules in 1914 called the Communist Manifesto lays down the plan of action. It worked in Russia but the US was another animal. The blue print was drawn and it has been put into motion over one hundred years. Now the circumstances have been aligned to do what has been intended to be done for so long.

The language of the Manifesto includes the use of “useful idiots”. What is it when you see what is happening on the streets? It is rampant in the government. It now has swamped a huge number of college and universities.

I do not have any other way to describe what is happening other than the Second Civil War. The media, left wing organizations, and ultra right groups have one thing in mind and that is to attempt a coup-de-tat against the elected and sitting president.

I do not care if you like the president or not, our country will not do well with the unprecedented movement that is going on. Only during the lead up to the Civil War was there so much division in the country.

Think I am being radical? Just set down and read sometime. Start with the bible.

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