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I live in Barber County. On the map of Covid-19 cases we are red. The red signifies that we had one person test positive for the virus. Most of the businesses are shut down and it is suspected that there are some that will not reopen.

We have businesses that are a necessity that have been fulfilling the needs of the people here through it all. We have been dutifully sheltering in place up here on the hill with my brother doing all the shopping. We are getting along OK.

But what bothers me is that the manipulation of numbers is having an affect on everyone whether they deserve it or not. The true status of what is happening is being played like a poker game. Numbers are flashed on the screen and the explanations are filled with things that we really don’t give a darn about. It keeps the airwaves busy with the same stories ad-naseum.

We have had roughly one person die a day for the last week, and not one from the virus. The one person who had the virus lives in a small town in the far NW part of the county. He was sick 4 weeks ago. Diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. Has recovered and is doing fine. He was never hospitalized. He went back and forth between Pratt. They deliver his groceries to his picnic table in the yard so he has no contacts.


The nightly map comes on with the cases of the virus and no one gets to leave the color that they achieved. WE ARE A RED COUNTY FOREVER!

We wear the Red like a Scarlet Letter. For those who did not read the story in school. In the Puritan colony those who were caught committing a sin were forced to wear the Scarlet Letter to proclaim the dastardly deed they committed.

They were put into the stocks for a period of time and then had everyone staring at them, as they lived their lives, at the scarlet letter that they wore on there chest.

So do we get scorned for having one virus case forever? This does nothing to inform anyone as to the status of the virus currently. It is simply a history.

Since we are finding that everyone dying in hospitals in certain areas are from the virus, even if it isn’t the cause, are getting counted for the money. You cannot blame them. Everything else a hospital does is shut down.

Elective surgery and procedures includes cancer, diabetes, heart, and chronic ailments. The hospitals are going broke. OUR HOSPITALS ARE GOING BROKE! Pratt Regional Medical Center is on a rotating layoff. There is not enough work to do with everything else shut down. Those who need surgery have to just live with the pain.

We are going to accelerate the loss of rural hospitals because of the major centers who do have clusters of the virus, and the one size fits all approach to the dealing with this emergency.

Of course the stories are going crazy and I don’t discount anything because this right now is a smoke screen and we will find out what was happening behind the scenes later on anyway.

I am distressed at those who take everything hook line and sinker with out any questioning.

Enjoy your dose of Socialism. The major product of Socialism is to make everyone equally miserable. It only took Venezuela ten years to be taken down from the fourth richest country in the world.

Are we going down in months? Will we still have to wear the Scarlet Letter?

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