Joseph Stalin


Just think about how horrible the statement from Stalin is and yet without even uttering the words this is how problems are being handled in today’s world. If you never saw this quote from Stalin then your History teacher as well as Sociology, and Government teachers failed you. In fact if you are not aware of what this man said and what he did you have been deceived.

I am enraged anytime I see a poster or a T shirt of Che in a classroom or on a campus. Those who make heroes out of murderers are the willing pawns of the successors of these murderers. People fawn over their disrespect for Hitler and yet follow his path that he deceived a nation and for a time, a big part of the world. You would hardly notice the anniversary of the Holocaust that was just the other day. One celebrity actually celebrated the 200th birthday of Carl Marx.

People feign disgust with mass murderers and what they stand for and yet tolerate the same things under different names. The murder of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies using tax dollars is supported by many. Even those who claim not to support it do not show outrage that tax dollars given to an organization are diverted back into Democratic coffers to further their cause.

Imagine you fall at 4AM one morning. When you are taken to the emergency room there is a shuffle of what your already poor health means to your current situation. The decision is made by others to send you to another facility. There they decide that an operation that is routine for most would be too ‘dangerous’ for you.

At this point decisions are taken out of your hands and your kids or close relatives start to make the decisions for you. and yet they are not making decisions it is insurance, and Medicare, and committees that are actually making decisions. Your closest people are having to make choices from a stacked deck.

Now you are moved to a rehab facility where you may or may not actually receive rehabilitation. But there is a lot of paper work to fill out and sign. Then you are moved to another facility because your days have expired that the rehab facility can keep you.

Now all of your business has been taken over by someone and all you need to feel better is that little operation. As you get weaker because of the underlying problem you are given ultimatums on where you can stay. Just as one facility has said you can live there they come back in a few days and change their mind. If you are able to get out of bed on your own you find yourself in a place where you know no one. You are not free to drive, or make any of your own decisions at all.

Now in order to keep you in a place you do not like your assets are now being sold off because you cannot get the care you need or do anything you want to. At a rate of 5 to 9 thousand dollars a month your assets will soon be drained down to zero. Everything that you worked your whole life for will be gone. There is nothing for your kids that you wanted to leave. There is nothing of your family keepsakes or heritage left.

Everything you have is now either in the hands of facilities with calming sounding names or the government. What is the solution as far as the government or insurance is concerned. You are better off dead. And if that medical problem finally gives out that should have been fixed in the first place, you are dead.

We are not just living the nightmare of socialized medicine we have the death panels (all with fancy names) already. The bottom line is that when every dime has been wrung out of your estate the solution is to see how long you last before they bury you.

In the mean time if you actually start getting better and there is a chance you can go home and regain your life, the decision has probably already been made that this is not an option.

Now your very existence is an insult to the younger people who now are responsible for paying into the Social Security System and other ‘benefits’ that you paid your whole life into. But the politicians have stolen the money for other things.

Is this the brave new world that people wanted? Nope. But it is the world that tyrants have given us. No wonder the road to Hell is paved, wide, and open for business.

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