It is a sad thing that has been wrought on this country. People who are gloating about the over throw of an administration that had brought the most positive changes and prosperity in fifty years was dismantled by the hatred of personality and the halting of the few powerful who plan on the one world government. The people who still had faith and work ethic were reminded why this country was born.

Yet we as a people were warned time and again that a people with no morals, once they found that they could legislate money and print it with abandon, would tear us down. And so they have.

What of initiative? What of the pride of work and creativity? What of the individual and the sense of entrepreneurship? Will it become what fate has fallen right square on top of a tradition of places like Annie’s Chicken Fries?

I love the small joints that are all over the state. That must be why I love TV shows like Diner’s, Drive Ins, and Dives, Texas Country Reporter, Small Town Big Deal, Texas Bucket List, and a dozen other shows in other states that celebrate their small town businesses and traditions. I would gladly watch the national chains be bulldozed. I prefer places like Creations, The Lumber Yard, the original Nu Way. You cannot get a baked potato pizza at Pizza Hut or Godfathers like you can get in downtown Anthony. Or a pizza baked like 40 years ago at Dave’s Pizza Oven in Coldwater.

So who is Annie’s? Those who are crazy about Route 66 know that what at one time was west of Oklahoma City (it is now surrounded by OKC) is a little place that was designed for 20, regularly 100 would pack into the place, was the home of a chicken fried steak that even serious glutton’s would have difficulty finishing. And the price was cheap.

On the outside was parked vintage automobiles including a 50’s Squad car. The vintage (cheesy) décor inside and out just said fun. This year would have been the 50th year of Annie’s. But the celebration is a funeral. My friend, who loves the place, told me about Annie’s. What alerted him to the demise was finding a Coke machine online for sale that looked like the one that sat in the place for years. When he checked it out it was from Annie’s. He is down there as I write and he is going out to check it out.

Annie’s was a victim of the China Virus. Between governmental overreach and a public that is scared to death of dying, people’s lives are what is being killed. Soon all of the TV shows will become history shows about the great people, places, and good times that used to be. You can watch them as your Uber delivers your Big Mac that you can balloon up and die young. They don’t want you to live to a ripe old age and live in an assisted living center. (Remember that they are still stealing your Social Security THAT YOU PAID IN TO!)

We don’t have Uber out here on the new hill. Guess you will not be down for the specials at Red Dirt Jacks.






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