There are many who have the words of wisdom that describe the American Dream. Many who have the personal experiences of working hard and achieving their goals and dreams.

Most of those who lived the dream had the freedom to set out on their personal journey and achieve it. It is surprising at the numbers of those who are all for setting on the path of Socialism who really believe that making everyone equal in their misery is a dream that they would want to pass on to their children.

The old adage of ‘anyone can grow up to be President’ now has the real meaning of ‘anyone can grow up to run for president’. This is not cynical just an observation of the growing field of those who are running and mostly on a platform ‘that you are stupid and I know better how to run your lives’.

I believe that there are a lot of grand fathers and mothers who would like to come out of their graves, cut a hickory switch, and impart some education upon their offspring.

I have grown up and been around people of both, many, and none of these parties. It seemed that there was always a way to discuss differences and still walk away as friends. I still do.

It is amazing to me how I had people who admonished me during the reign of Obama not to call him the names that I did. (actually I refused to print his name), I was told I had to still respect the office. Yet now these same people are doing just the opposite to our leader who they now are incensed with.

Where is the ‘respect’ that I was suppose to show now? There is a word for it but I am still friends with these people. I do not ‘unfriend’ them just because we don’t see eye to eye.

I am curious as to how someone can support the killing of a baby even after birth and are delighted that the Governor of California stopped the death penalty in his state?

I am so disappointed in the level of ignorance being shown at every level of our country today. It is a tired old thing to many but the Manifesto that we have known about since 1918 has become true before our eyes.

Has free thinking been destroyed so badly that there is no ability for anyone to determine what is good for themselves and the country? Have any of these people read the book 1984?

The people who are so afraid of being surveiled are putting devices in their homes that listen and record every word said. Electronics have been found to have cameras built into them. For the technological delight of having the home operated with a voice command, have now allowed Big Brother in.

The first subpoena for the contents of a Siri device was used in 2018 in a court case. Do you find that this is bothersome for your privacy?

Don’t worry kids we will have you in a respected University soon! Then you too can run for President.

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