John C. Maxwell


Nothing has given me more warm feelings that meeting all of you out there at some point in time. The fact that you appreciate my putting my thoughts down for the world to see and appreciate or criticize gives me good feelings.

There are some that think I have an ego of gigantic proportions. They can think what they like. The vast majority appreciate that all I want all of you to do is think. Do not just accept what is being told to you by anyone that has any other intentions than being honest or pushing an agenda.

I do have an aunt that likes my writing but tells me often to “let up on the politics”. But then who is most likely to tell you a lie other than the government and those trying to get your information to rip you off. So I have to keep up with my thoughts on a lot of wrongs in this world. But no one loves what is right in this world than me.

My passion is history and my main concern is the way history has been taught and re-written. The first thing that a Tyrant does is erase the history and re-write it into what they want it to be.

I have mentioned that a ,sure bonifide, Historian once told me to never not claim to be a Historian. It takes study, passion, and a doggedness for the truth that makes the Historian and not a piece of sheepskin on the wall.

In some technical ways the fact that I do not have a BA, BS, MA, MS, or PHD behind my name there may be some tricks to the trade that I missed out on. But there is also the advantage that I have not had walls of agendas put up because an institution or a professor had the point of view to distort what history is.

History is what happened. No more and no less. When the Elite want to access as to what this means and how bad or good someone was in the past, there is a clouding and a revision that has no place in the world of history.

What is worse is the application of values from our time on the actions and motivations of people back then. They can only be judged by the background of their time. The same as we will be either remembered or just written off according to the values of our age.

When I do an opinion piece here or write stories for my books or articles, they are done with an inspiration, experience, and passion that is sometimes mistaken for ego. I prefer to just offer what I find.

I received a box the other day from the mother of a friend that we lost last year. I had not been a close acquaintance of hers but she remembered me as being a friend of her son. She also enjoys my writing. To some a box full of old 1930’s newspapers cut into dress patterns may have seemed weird. But not me.

In the sorting through the old papers it is like a class in 1930’s history. No we are not going to make dresses out of the papers but I am gleaning jewels from the box. The cost of a used Model A Ford car was from $150 to $350. Yakima Kanutt was staring in a Western at one of the Fox Theaters. An old cartoon that I had never seen before. (I love the old comic strips from those days)

I have the new manuscript for my next book sent in with the manuscript to the publisher. It is like the pressure has been let off and I won’t have to deal with it until next week. So now I am reading from the old newspapers that a very nice lady sent. This means that I can get back to what I love for a while. And also know that there is another reader out there that likes my work.

And it far outstrips the comment from an old school mate who claimed I had sold my soul for being conservative. I am glad I don’t have the pressure of being a judge for anyone other than myself. I believe that duty has been reserved for only one. Someday I hope the judge is merciful.

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