I want to thank Silicon Valley, the Trillionaires, the Democratic National Committee, and foreign sources that will remain anonymous for the millions of dollars that you poured into Kansas. The attempt to affect the politics of Kansas would have been laughable except for the bitter souls who refuse to accept the election of 2016.

Although a huge part of the money did end up going out of state there are many locally owned newspapers and vendors that did realize much needed income. The elections have become so big a business that entire networks will sell their integrity so your money can flow into their hands. Never mind that truth and objectivity have been converted to 30 pieces of silver.

The best economic director in the world could not achieve what all of you have done to change my state, nation, and people. We will see if the lies and deception will continue on.

My prayers are for the country that is moving away from the values that it has held dear for 240 years. Will God turn his face from this stiff necked people?

I will continue to pray for one nation under God. Will others sell their souls?

For the money changers I suggest some good reading for the time you would lock us down. It is the best selling book in the world. If you don’t have one maybe you should not have burned it.

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