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I have been getting some of the nicest letters with the order of my ‘FULL BOAT’ deal for all my books and a CD. I really appreciate all the kind comments and support. I have even had a couple of story ideas sent to me. As you know I am not shy about voicing my opinion. I try not to do it in a mean manner, but some people can read meanness into anything. I share a favorite quote with a reader from stories that Jerry Clower used to tell.

You would have to have been within the sound of the Great Empire radio stations to know when I say I listened to ‘The Lone Ranger’ at noon. I listened to the broadcast at Noon right after Paul Harvey on KFDI radio. 99% of the time it would be a story from Jerry Clower. Howard Gerald Clower was born in 1926 at Route 4, Liberty Mississippi. He died on August 24, 1998 at the age of 91. He had graduated from Mississippi State with a degree in Agriculture.

He sold fertilizer and had a great style of telling stories to customers and gatherings. Jerry’s stories became so popular that they were more in demand than his fertilizer. He was soon telling stories about growing up and using characters that he knew. He was a kind and humble man but just could not tolerate those who would look down on others. He became a member of The Grand Ole Opry when comedy was a big part of Country and Western Music.

My reader shared the favorite saying from Jerry’s that I also love. “IT IS OBVIOUS THAT HE WAS EDUCATED WAY BEYOND HIS INTELLIGENCE.”

This is very useful to me when writing about politics.

But at this point let me talk about a statesman. When I last shook Senator Bob Dole’s hand we were at the Christian Church here in Medicine Lodge. It was very sobering to watch and hear him then because his health was getting real bad. What was disappointing was the small crowd that came to see him for the last time. We knew there would not be a chance to see him again here.

One of the news commentators said that everyone liked Sen. Dole. I have heard and seen enough comments over the years to know that that is not true. I did not agree with him all the time but I
respected him. I have always been mad at the professional handlers for presidential candidates taking a man that could get both sides of the aisle to work together. In Candidate Dole’s campaigns they made him a hatchet man. Our country is poorer for never having a President Dole. His Center for Politics should have been a presidential library.

Since we are in WWIII which has been biological, it will soon be declared When Russia and China will be invading others militarily in 2022. They know that our government is headed by an incompetent leader and run by a pack of fools. Will God be on our side when people who booed him and are doing everything they can not to follow his law?

Will we ever see a statesman again?

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