Dale Carnegie


TECHNOIDIOCRACY, I invented a word! I expect that Webster will want to add this to the dictionary. What it describes is the fatigue and frustration that I, and I am sure many others, experience with today’s technical world. I will stand a state that I AM A TECHNO-IDIOT. I barely get along with the computer, and do not talk to me about smart phones. I am happy with my flip phone thank you.

And even though the world of computers is a serious headache to me I am our IT here at home. The world online has become the wild west and my gun is not fast enough to be there. An example; our domain name for our family business has been poached by someone in Japan. The people we pay to take care of things like this are totally caught off guard and don’t understand how this was done.

So our domain has been sniped and is held for ransom, what now? Wailing and gnashing of teeth. The practice of sniping a domain is legal even though it is underhanded, nasty, and evil. What can we do to take care of this? NOTHING!

I have to wait for the Japanese to decide when and how much they want for our name. The take over of the electronic world is a real danger and governments want to dictate what you can see and do worldwide. And the practice of taking things that don’t belong to you and make money doing it brings these plans closer and closer.

As a ‘Techno-idiot I have been forced to pay others to do things I know little about. When you get bitten it makes you realize that you have to learn and grow to just keep your head above water.

What makes this frustration even greater is the fact that we have decided it is time to retire. The folks for the fourth time at age 82. My brother and I because our health has gone to hell in a hand basket. We have decided to put our hilltop heaven on the market. We want to be able to seamlessly transfer our business to the new owners if the choose to keep the bed and breakfast going. We hope they will, we believe we have been an asset to the community. We want to leave the place in the hands of people that truly love it as we do.

Add to the fact that I am in the middle of publishing a book and I am doing things I did not know about before. I tell stories and love the research, but publishing is a miserable enterprise.

I am tired, irritated, and overwhelmed. It is tiring to fight Japanese, publishers, and poor health, but look at the new word I invented.

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