Roger Ringer


Call it a brave new world if you must, stand back the younger folks may spit their cereal through their nose reading this. A brave new world NO! A MAD MAD WORLD! Technology is making idiots of us all. I barely get this written each week because I write this from my website rather than on office word so I don’t have so many hoops to jump through to send my columns out. At the moment my carrier is updating my website. Both my website and dashboard are down for this. I had to be talked through cut and pasting an access code to go to the new URL. I have no idea what a URL is.

Upon opening the story I was working on I only found the title. Of course my material from that story has camouflaged themselves on my desk and are doing a great job of eluding me. This is just one more part of my continuing saga of dealing with the technological world we  now live in. This makes me admire my Amish friends even more.

As frustrated as I am with my computer the television is even worse. Paying a ridiculous sum for satellite service to have five hundred channels, and most of the time nothing decent to watch, is frustrating. I pay to be instructed on what drugs to tell my doctor to give me. I now know more about feminine hygiene than I ever wanted to know. I know about conditions that affect men, have learned to hate insurance, automobiles, fast food. I am told by self proclaimed experts to hate myself for being born male and white. I am told that people coming here illegally is good and being law abiding is bad. I am told to vote for people who hate my country and if I question anything I will be canceled.

I now have networks who own networks telling me that for $4.99 per month that I can watch 5000 shows on their streaming. Are they nuts?

I have a friend that works with a TV production company. Her weekly show is a high light for me because it covers my favorite subject, Kansas. The last two weeks I got up to watch the show and it was gone. After finally getting in touch with her I find out that they have gone digital. So the show goes on but I don’t see it. But the ratings are better? I do not live with a device in my hand. When I am at my desk I work. When I relax I watch the TV. I am not crossing those worlds. You can see this by my flip phone I carry.

Yes folks I am a TECHNO IDIOT. I have to get an IT person in to plug in, program, and suffer stupid questions. I do not foresee things getting better. Brave new world my foot!

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