Charles R. Swindoll


The happenings of today can tend to dull us from the constant reminder that there is evil that walks the earth and is all around us. We try to convince ourselves that we are a civilized society yet there is little that separates society from good and evil.

The image is shattered when you turn on the news and all the bad of the world is presented to you on a constant basis. And even good news is deemed bad by reporters and organizations that deem the content of news from their perspective. You are not treated as intelligent enough to decide what is good news and what is bad news.

The constant news of law officers being killed in the line of duty seems remote when it is not in your back yard. In fact many try every way that they can to portray those who protect you from evil as being bad themselves.

It is a complete shock when it happens in your own back yard. Recently we had a home invasion that could have been a tragedy that was stopped by a person willing to fight back and say no to the evil that was being forced upon them. Quick response from local law enforcement helped put a bad guy away and looks like will clear up several crimes committed over a large area.

When the news of an officer in trouble was put out back in my old home area it was shocking. I have driven through the intersection of 295th & 21st many times. I even made several wrecks in that intersection when I was on the fire department.

The news of a Sedgwick County Sheriff officer being killed there hit close to home. I used to know many SC Sheriff officers. I even carried a commission from that office years ago.

I immediately started calling friends in the area and started getting details, that I know, do not need to be out until the Sheriff is ready to put out to the public. But the details I did get just enforces that fact that we in rural areas cannot take anything for granted anymore. We love to leave things unlocked and be trusting but those days are sadly past us.

I have had people from the city tell me that word goes around the circle of thieves that farmers are rich and have money and valuable things in their homes. This is not an educated class of people here. anyone knows that the value that most farmers and ranchers have is in the machinery, land, and animals. I know of no farmers with piles of cash in their safes. Yet this does not stop others from wanting what you have.

Deputy Robert Kunze was standing between you and the people who would spread anarchy. We are only one officer away from anarchy and all the bad that is spread about our law officers blots out the ones who are there to put everything on the line for you and myself.

The area of Sedgwick County that Officer Kunze was killed in was my old stomping grounds for most of my life. I am a 4 generation Kansan and until the last 13 years it was in western rural Sedgwick County.

Do you even know your patrol officer that goes by your place on a regular basis? If not why not say hello when you do not need help? You can never know when something terrible can happen to you or your family, or your community.

Switch off the news once in a while and appreciate the life you have and those who stand between you and evil.

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