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There is a real tendency today for those who consider themselves to be Journalists to end up just being talking heads. Mouthpieces for the cause that they are working for.

Editorialists or Commentators tell you up front that they are giving you opinions. It is a misery for me to watch, listen, or read those who are giving opinions and trying to convince you that it is news.

News is supposed to be the report of a subject in a factual context and include all facts of a situation. We just don’t see this anymore. If there is engagement in discussing anything that may be lacking in a story there is now a culture of hate that turns into a hateful set of accusations.

Just as the video of Nancy Pelosi taking her privilege, doing what everyone else in her district is not allowed to do, she cannot admit that she just got caught. She bragged about eleven dollar ice cream bars. Just admit it Nancy, you got caught. The ‘news’ now claims she was set up.

We watched the news, the rest is opinion.

What I do here is give opinion. I am up front about it. I will continue to do so. Especially since I run into people who tell me they like my opinion. I guess I will not seize the chance to keep my mouth shut.

While I am exercising my right to free speech, how about those folks in Coer d’Alene, Idaho? They decided that Antifa and BLM were not going to burn down the town. The cowboys, bikers, business owners, and citizens met the buses side by side with the police, sheriff, state police, and the mayor. when the first one got off the bus and was told that they would not be tolerated he got back on and they left. Yes they were all armed. Not one shot was fired. No one was injured, no deaths, no businesses burned.

There were close to a thousand residents that stood up (by the way that is a militia). When elected officials along with taxpayers say no, they mean no. The major cities that stand for this are waging war on the honest citizen.

Yet there are still people who drink the cool-aid.

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