What you are looking at is the Red Sea in front of you, and a fire tornado behind you keeping Pharaoh’s legions from running over you. After two hundred and forty years of sacrificing our young to stay free we have watched a generation throw away our freedom.

It is easy to vote things away but it is a fight to regain them. It is now going to be difficult to make a statement and not have your words come back to destroy you. Do not make radical statements frivolously.

One world government is soon at hand. The one world leader will be Satan. He never forgets.

We know that China looks ahead 100 years. We have people in Congress that have been groomed and aided by China. Even the smug leader of China opened his big mouth last week to gloat over Slow Joe becoming our new fearless leader and his pocket man.

As our country just ignited a flaming economy, pulled troops down from levels that bankrupted us, and did what the ‘experts’ said could not be done, peace in the Mideast. The long indoctrination of the schools and universities have finally persuaded people to ignore the truth.

Reading the conversations of so called ‘elites’ tells me that what I have feared has come to pass. Will our country survive the next 2 – 4 years and ever have the chance to once again become the shining hope of the world?

Congress has richly deserved to earn a factor of around 90% that hate it. It matters little if it is red or blue, when will Americans raise their voices and purge Washington of the one worlder’s?

When will morality become the necessity for a successful life and country again? Ripping babies apart, rampant sexual perversions, and abhorrent lifestyles can never restore a just people.

Will IN GOD WE TRUST become a symbol of our great past?

Do not bother to cancel me out. I have never been a member of Twitter and have no business on social media. If the fascists’ who believe they have the power to cancel Americans think they can shut me up, JUST TRY!

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