It is a strange day.  I have had it with all the scheming and hate that is connected with this election cycle.  I had a friend basically notify me that he was pulling the plug on everything because he cannot take anymore of my views on things.  Seems to me that is a bit strange because I have never required anyone to be in agreement with me especially as a condition of friendship.  He may have turned from a friend but it is just a fact that I will still consider him mine.

     This is the date when twenty years ago my best friend died from cancer.  He was a big strapping cowboy/ truck driver/ farmer and I never knew how strong he really was. When we were trying to pick something up and I would mention that maybe we should get some more help, he would grin and pick it up himself.

     When he was on his death bed I could have picked him up and cradled him like a baby he had shrunk so much.  The last night I set with him before I left he shook my had and raised up and did not have to say anything about our friendship and how we would not meet again.  I will never forget that night.

      Not a day goes by that I do not think of him.  On my wall I have a picture of him in a 4430 John Deere tractor with a grin and a laugh as he passed by me.  He is there with many of my other friends that I have lost due to cancer and other things.  I see them everyday.  It reminds me of good times, good friends, and how precious a friendship is.

     I have my mind made up on who I am voting for for this election and I really don’t need all the continuous diatribe of news people and other talking heads.  I am not even listening to shows and people I normally like.  Life is too short.  I am going up and voting early and getting it over with.  Nothing I am going to say is going to change anyone’s mind.

      It is distressing that someone I have looked up to as knowledgeable and a source of inspiration now has decided that friendship is determined by agreeing on everything.

     I always say that if someone does not want my essay’s by email to tell me and I won’t send them.  If you do not want to read them, please don’t,  If you see it on Facebook just pass it over, I do on 90% of the posts on there.  All I ever hope to do is ask for people to think.

     After 61 years of what has been quite and adventure, I hope that I have improved as a person over what I was years ago.  I hope to understand more, consider and reflect more, and offer an opinion.

     At this point all I can do is trust in God and hope that however the election turns out that we will survive as a nation.

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