George Orwell


Now set down and hold on I am about to go on a rant. If you get mad, well just tough. This is a deadly serious subject and I am not only sick but also angry. Mankind seems to be able to sink to levels that are absolutely base and evil. I don’t think that we even need Satan to tempt anyone anymore. It seems that the ME has taken over in a large segment of the population. That is leaving those who believe in right and wrong no alternative than to depend totally on prayers. And yet how is it that so many have just lost any concept of good and evil?

We know that Washington is not setting good examples. We know that the mainstream news and entertainment industry goes out of its way to ridicule anyone who makes any effort to be honest.

Those who have bloated the government up to the point where they believe that your money is theirs and they can do anything they want. Principles of freedom have been attacked. How did children grow up to be oriented to any number of lies and hatred? How is it that one person accused can be locked up for months and others get away scot free? No morality and no moral compass.

I am saddened and sickened at almost everyday a child is killed or is missing. The abuse and total indifference to a child is beyond comprehension. What is the one common factor in the majority of these murders and abuse cases? The mother is living with a boyfriend.

If this makes you mad then you may have to look at what kind of a set of principles you live by. Statistic after statistic shows that a majority of children live in single parent homes. This is directly traceable to the inner city neighborhoods but it is not exclusive. There are plenty of rural people that have thrown any concept of right and wrong out the window, and they raise their children this way.

I have been called out many times when I criticize the way some treat and raise their young. And also how those kids turn out who have no discipline and run the family life. Go ahead I can take it.

Yes I have never raised a child. I am one of those rare people who actually are single. Not acting single, not divorced, never married. Yes a bachelor. This does not make me blind to the fact that 95% of the kids who are abused and killed are by the ‘boyfriend’ living in the home.

Do not believe for a minute that I consider myself to be above the fray. I do not have to go into long explanations as to my marital status. Frankly it is none of anyone’s business. I did not intend to live this way but you play the hand you get dealt.

We have become a nation of people who ignore the rules and want to do whatever we want. There is a day of reckoning. You have to answer for yourself. No one is perfect and no one gets out of this world alive. I have been given a privilege to be able to share my thoughts with all of my readers. I am thankful for this and it is a burden to try and give my opinion looking at the whole picture. I am not overly intelligent. You can get a lot of Amen’s to that.

I have said before that life would be a lot simpler if those 10 rules were followed. I hope that as the remains of this last 3 year old girl are brought in and the boyfriend is charged that someone in this position will look and say WHOA!

If I hurt your feelings it is a small price. Children’s lives and futures depend on something to change.

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