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Bet a lot of you do not know who Gracie Allen is? If you do this story is for you. You are old enough to be hit by a wave of scams that are trying to get into your bank account and take you for all the money they can get. There have been some sharp bank tellers that have helped thwart some of these cases but there are still too many that just do their job and hand you your money on a card that you are being scammed out of. So if you are one of these people that are providing ‘friendly service’ you may want to pay attention also.

I am not easily surprised anymore. It seems that things that were totally unheard of when I was growing up are now common place. So you can imagine my surprise that on my phone line (that is not used that much) I answered and the kid on the other end says “HI GRANDPA!’

Ok well I get wrong numbers once in a while and with the miniaturization of all the buttons I even dial a few.

So I said excuse me? In a louder tone of voice the kid says “HI GRANDPA!” again. So I ask if he knows who he is calling? I am still surprised and had not caught on yet. He said “I am calling my grandpa!” Now he is getting a little belligerent. So in my best “you seem to be stupid voice” are you sure you know who you are calling? We go through the same thing a couple more times.

Finally he goes “*& $#@% &(*%$#@! and hangs up. By this time I know that the little scammer (the nicest word I will use here, not what I really thought) is trying the I’M IN TROUBLE AND NEED BAILED OUT OF JAIL. DON’T CALL MY PARENTS THEY WILL KILL ME. JUST SEND ME X AMOUNT OF DOLLARS TO ME scam.

This is real. And if you think you cannot get a call from a scammer that can say the right things and yet say nothing you are kidding yourself. You do not expect what is coming in and you have no time to think. This is what they count on.

Mom had a call similar to this a few months ago. Only he was pretending to be a nephew who goes to school in Nebraska. It went the same way. He was in trouble and needed $2500. to bail himself out of jail and he did not want to call his folks. Knowing the boy pretty well we put a quick call into his mom. There was nothing wrong and she knew right where he was at. It happens so fast that even when you are aware of what the call could be you stop and wonder.

As for me since I have never been married, have no kids, and no grand kids are a possibility I enjoyed bursting the little twerps bubble. It looked like an Oklahoma area code but the ID numbers can be changed by the little jerks with very little know how. In fact they could probably make more money working a real job than trying to steal money from well intentioned folks.

Police and Sheriff Departments try to warn of the latest scams. But it is very difficult to actually do anything about the scammers after they have taken your money. I encourage everyone who works at institutions that people will come to get money out of their accounts to be a bit nosey if anything seems strange. It will be better if you seem a bit nosey rather than not really caring. It is so easy for people to get excited and talked into something they will regret when they think they are helping out. And all they are helping are a bunch of low life worthless jerks (don’t ask me to be Christian on this).

I enjoyed jerking his chain. But this is serious. You cannot just be a nice person anymore. You have to be on the watch on all sides for the jerks of the world.

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