W.E.B. DuBois

     In part one I ended up expounding on the basis of how the government was intended to operate by our founding fathers.  Plus all the ways this has been changed over the years and the attempts to do so.  The modern concept of the Constitution (since Woodrow Wilson) is the attempt to make it a living document that changes with the times.  Making it “flexible”, which is another way of saying it should not serve as the guide and protector of the people.  Even the people who are doing harm to themselves by changing it.  How many people today do you know that are radical about their rights and yet want to deny the rights of those they don’t agree with?

     When any office holder takes the oath, from township to President, the oath is TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.  Do you have any concept of what that means?  Apparently many in public office and private life have no concept of what this means.  With this in mind I will address the subject I intended to write on when I started this.

     In the life of the United States we have only been out of debt for 2 years and 10 months.  This occurred under the Andrew Jackson administration.  But it was a nation wide passion after the war of 1812 to budget and pay our way in to total debt freedom.  This was a time when the debt from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 was owed.  It was also a time when the only income of the Federal Government was duties and sale of public lands.

     It was also a time when the Constitution was put in place and the power of the Federal Government and the power of the States was balanced. There was a great fear of giving too much power to the Federal government.  It was also a time of great debate as to how the surplus funds would be used and distributed back to the states.  Some were adamant that the money be sent to the states and others wanted spending on a federal level to develop and even invest in transportation projects and other areas not specified by the Constitution.

      But as it was, prosperity was not to be enjoyed.  The theory that a government should always be in debt was subscribed to and the starting of the central banks that turned in to the Federal Reserve won out.  The Federal Reserve is not a government agency.

     Today we are nearing 20 Trillion dollars in federal debt and the politicians and the whole world want us even further in debt.  The abhorrence of debt originally was to prevent other nations and banks to dictate the terms of how the government is to run.  It opens the possibility of outside interference. How do we even start to tackle our debt?

     One way is the regaining control of the way we give money to other nations.  We borrow huge amounts of money.  To give money away is insane.  But how it is done is that the foreign aid bill is required to be all bundled into one bill and either passed or defeated.  There is no room to examine whether we are giving aid to enemies or our friends.

     The conservatives in this nation (or deplorables if that is what you insist on) voted for the President and want the spending and the wasting of money stopped.  If the majority party ever wishes to remain so they are going to have to listen to the voter and regain control over the waste of the money.  Each appropriation should be examined as to need, appropriateness, and if the countries receiving it are friendly, and the money gets to where it is supposed to.

     Much of the humanitarian money that the country sends ends up in the pockets of crooked officials and not to help with the needy of the world.  Also as an individual, if you give your money to a cause whose leadership receive 6 or 7 figure salaries, and in the case of UNESCO the leader has a chauffeured Rolls Royce automobile you need to reexamine who you give to.

      I will address the total waste of tax dollars going to radical groups who cripple the workings and scientific management of the environment, in another story.  but the best start on the debt and deficit is to stop trying to buy the friendship of countries who are not our allies and are actually our enemies.

      For the first time I can remember the president pulled in his department heads and demanded that the tax payer dollars be spent wisely and that every expenditure be examined for the best price.  Now we will see if the Congressional Republicans can actually do their job rather than fall back into the back room, good old boy, spinelessness that has allowed the country to be crippled in the past.

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