W.E.B. DuBoise

     We are at a point in our history where the right circumstances have come together that can affect the very existence of our nation, if we will just do what needs to be done.  After the last 20 years of people in the beltway (and actually for over 100 years) have been upended and the backbone of the American people stood up and said that we have had enough.

     The last eight years of fundamental change in this country has served to divide us in many ways, but also brought together the people who go about their business building jobs, lives, and futures.  In the past they have been known as the silent majority.  You do not see them in riots or doing things that are detrimental to the fabric of this country.  They don’t have time.  No one is funding them, giving them the leisure time to travel and spend weeks protesting, and they are not given to destroying their own communities as a protest.

     The question that was ignored in the last eight years on ‘fundamental change’ has been ‘change to what?’  Over the last one hundred twenty years the change from Representative Republic to Democracy has been eating away at the core of working people.  There are many points in favor of change because we are a government of humans and humans are flawed.  But the systematic destruction of the Constitution is a process that takes power from people and safeguards us from those who would use the government to do us harm.

     The concept of a living Constitution that changes with the times is like building on a foundation of sand.  We have survived because the Constitution, Federalist Papers, and Declaration of Independence are the rock solid foundation that allows the country to survive longer than most in history.  In fact those who seek to change the fundamentals of our government use the ideas of governments, regimes, and empires that have failed miserable.

     The fact that people today believe that government is the answer for all problems is not only frightening but a travesty since it is being taught as an everyday mindset.  The key to how we have survived so long is testament to the founding fathers who had the foresight to set up a government that has never been tried before in world history.  And also the foresight to realize that future generations and others would try to change according to popular opinion the very rock that we are built upon.  The actual education has been changed from the premise of the electorate being necessarily educated in order for the country to last.

     The original intent of the founding fathers was to protect the people from government and not be subject to the government.  The result of the elections is the awakening of those who have been ignored by the political elites and the population centers that would dominate how everyone lives their lives by the power of numbers.  The Electoral College was a brilliant concept that has served us well over the years because it safeguards us from being dominated by the five largest population states.

     The safe guard of the House of Representatives being the ‘peoples house’ by population and the Senate being the guardian of the states is the balance that complements the 3 branches of government.  The states originally elected their senators from the legislatures to send to Washington.  When this was changed was when the states started losing their power and gave the federal government the advantage by the members who have become a part of the beltway and part of the problem.

     The Republicans and Democrats have been the major obstacle to the people retaining the values that they personally live by and believe in.  The move to lessen the will of the people and not the ones who shout the loudest, march, and attack those who do not fall in line with their demands, is the reason that the election turned out the way it did.

     As the Democrats are foaming at mouth alienating a lot of their traditional base and as the Republicans who have turned their backs on the people, things are in a mess.  If the Republican majority does not do as they have been given the opportunity to do and fix the problems of government, a much more radical group will come in and we will not recognize ourselves.

      Now since this has turned into a lecture on government my original purpose for this has no space now.  So in the next installment I will return to my original intent of our debt and giving away what we don’t have.

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