G Gordon Liddy


We have been through hell as a nation and world. There are observations that needs to be considered. We had gone through the summer in Barber County with a total of six cases of Covid with no deaths. This fall it has hit us hard. We have had a couple of deaths that shook everyone up. As I see it Reno county has been hit hard.

The reservations of the Southwest are being hit hard also. The one thing that you can say with certainty is that there seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to who, where and why the virus hits.

Those who always jump on the hate wagon talk about the people who ignore guidelines and blame everything on them. Seems that there is no spread if you riot and demonstrate. But go to church and you are to blame. I have seen no mass infections blamed on Target or Wal-Mart. The officials that shut down restaurants are seen dining in them and seem never to be infected.

There seems to be something here that should be obvious. Whatever we have been doing it is apparently not working. Having a vaccine come out is great. However someone smarter than me needs to figure out how and why the virus is actually getting around.

It would be great if those lecturing us would actually wear their masks properly. It is suppose to cover your nose Maynard.

We are at war and it is about time people figure out who is conducting it. Of course if Georgia lets the same people count their votes we have lost.

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