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I was reminded of the facts of a Socialist society the other day and I had forgot about it. Since I have seen it several times in my life first hand. I have been there and it was a disturbing thing to see.

When arguing with someone who is so full of the wonders of Socialism that when you try to educate them about the long list of failures of the system worldwide over the last century, they simply refuse to believe.

Venezuela was once the fourth richest country in the world. Just ten years ago. Now they are starving, with one million percent inflation and people dying. But these people cannot relate or believe.

When the facts of Germany, Russia, China, and other disasters are not really taught anymore. And yes the old Kansas favorite President Eisenhower’s prediction is coming true, there are teachers and others who do not believe that the Holocaust had happened.

What once could have gotten a person thrown in jail is now openly embraced by people elected to office, by professors in university and colleges, and by open terrorists rioting in the streets. The new version has added ‘Democratic’ Socialism to the movement. Democratic is the most grossly misused term in today’s vocabulary. Democracy is mob rule. Our founders looked at when the type of government had been used in the past. They saw that it was a miserable failure.

Our country is a Representative Republic governed by a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Founded on the Declaration of Independence.

But we do have socialism that exists on our national soil. If you want to see how a socialist society performs just visit an Indian Reservation.

Years ago I traveled with my family to Minnesota. A good friend of the family was the first white baby born in Itasca State Park. (His birth certificate is on display in the museum there to this day). He invited us to drive through the local reservation. It was mind blowing to a young person who had never seen a place like this.

Years later I drove through other reservations in South Dakota, New Mexico, and in Montana. It was a depressing experience.

Recently a very well spoken member of one of the Indian tribes posted a long essay on the failed policies of the Federal Government and the results of a Socialist society. The failure of a culture that has been in defeat and had all incentive lost. The few who got away and assimilated with society have had various levels of success. The common factor of those is the inability to do anything that can change the culture of the reservation.

The success of the nation in stripping each tribe of it’s own culture has in affect kept the native people from taking an active roll in the culture at large. The equality of the reservation has been the equality of misery and despair. Guaranteed income, second rate education, scarce health care. All of these and an attitude by their neighbors that they should be pulling themselves up and become successful.

There is a great howl about the quality of water in many large cities. The contaminated water is still there even though billions have been thrown at the problem. But the Navajo Reservation in Arizona has their water contaminated by the EPA’s allowing a mines contamination to blow out and go down stream. Nothing is being done to make sure that the Rez has clean water.

The rate of suicide exceeds any other group in the country. In Montana there are women and young girls that have disappeared and many times their bodies found in remote locations after they were murdered. You will not see any of this on the front page of the New York Times. Yet the body count rises each day. The numbers of these girls may be a huge percentage of the trafficked women but these numbers are not known. There are huge roadside billboards in the Northwest asking for help finding the missing.

Yes the Rez is the one example (or multiple) of the failure of Socialism. Yet this will never enter into the circles of College classrooms or in the Congress of the United States. And totally ignored in the media.

And as the protests in the liberal bastions continues there is not one word about any investigation of the murder of Lavoy Fincum as he was driving to a meeting with the Sheriff. Even with video documentation of the shooting of Lavoy and the multiple rounds fired at the pickup that had a woman and teenager inside trying to avoid being hit.

Yet we have an entire party who now advocates us, US, becoming a Socialist Society. A statement of a law professor last week that the students are coming in as freshmen with the socialist attitudes. This should be enough to re-evaluate how and what is being taught to the children before they enter collage, let alone when they get through college.

Remember that a Socialist is a Communist that has not gotten the ability to take every thing you have at gun point, yet! To be called a Socialist used to be enough to derail a career. Now it is center stage of an entire party. An it is bragged about by those who would lead our country.

Yes if you believe that a Socialist society works very well, just visit an Indian reservation.

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