Albert Camus


The deliberate division that is now a popular thing to be working for in this country owes itself to the fact that history is left out of the education of the revolutionary. If the actual truth is known about the process of tearing apart a country and then putting it back together it would not be done.

Radical thought has to be a part of a narrative if only to discover the true state of the intentions of the revolutionary. Of all the revolutions that has taken place in the history of man only one has actually succeeded without a huge amount of violence and that was when Ghandi insisted on a non violent revolution.

The revolution that allowed our country to grow and exist was created for reasons that thinking people put faith in more than just a violent resistance. It was created for the sake of not being dominated and treated unfairly. What those patriots fought and died for was not a perfect union but it was a great start. Nothing like the United States has been tried successfully in the history of the world.

The imperfections came to a head and the country was divided by a civil war. Countless scholarships have been written and debated on how it came about and what it accomplished. In the process there were many imperfections that were changed. At what cost? Ask this of those who wish to create an new revolution today and I believe you will get a rambling and nonsensical set of reasons.

The Civil War cost the lives of more than all the lives lost in World War One and Two, Korea, and Vietnam combined. There are few families that have roots in that time in this country, that does not have some part of the tragedy that has affected their relatives. The Civil War pitted brother against brother, son against father, neighbor against neighbor, and tore the physical country apart. The congress and others realized that both sides were fighting for the dream of an America and the veterans of the Confederacy were recognized as veterans of all of  America.

Now the history is being erased and the states have come down re-writing history just as the book 1984 wrote. With the fearful cost of that civil war there are those who would create a new war within this country. The result of violence in today’s society cannot bring about the intended results that some would like to see.

Will the self-righteousness of those who wish to tear down actually result in something better? All that can be achieved by the splitting of our people from one side or another is violence and anger. What have either of these ever achieved?

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