Francis Bacon

     I remember just after 9-11 setting out in the woods and realizing that what I was hearing was nothing.  With all the airplanes and airliners grounded there was a background noise that we hear everyday, that was not there.  That was the first time I had any idea what the early explorers and pioneers experienced when this country was new.  It was almost unsettling until you realized what was missing.  I loved it.

     Silence is something that is so much in short supply today and it affects everything you think, say, and do.  I get to where I almost get a headache when the TV is blaring all the time and I understand why a friend of mine took her TV into town and put a for sale sign on it.  Maybe this is why her kids turned out to be so interesting and complete individuals.  Maybe that is also why that her and her one half have such a solid marriage.

     Not only do we need quiet daily to say prayers and appreciate everything that God has done for us but the ancient philosophers understood that a period of silence daily is important for a person to lead a balanced life.

     Just think of how balanced things could be if politicians would just decide to quit making attacks on everything and everyone and we just voted on the best person for the job?  I don’t for a minute believe that this will ever happen.

     I enjoy the brief moments of silence that I can get because it allows me to look at how small I am and that I am not the center of the universe.  I will make but a brief ripple in the history of the world.  The shame is that many who could make a ripple will not and just be lead by the Siren Song and care only for what feels good to them.  What a waste of talent.

     When I have the chance to set and not have the TV on or loud voices around I enjoy having music on.  I have been so fortunate to know, and be friends with so many in music and listening to them, I can recall when I was there and heard the music live and the conversations we had before and after the performance.

     I am now understanding what my parents and grand-parents were thinking when my music when I was younger sounded foreign to them.  For the life of me I find nothing soothing or inspirational about the music that the young people today love.  I hear banging and rudeness and crudeness and just another way to influence a generations way of thinking.  I also have aged myself in that I do not understand why today’s Country Music does not sound like Country.  And my opinion of Rap is not printable.

     Silence becomes more valuable to me as time goes by.  Now I truly know the meaning of the phrase ‘Silence is Golden’.

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