Franklin D. Roosevelt


What better quote for a story of how much I dislike politics. Especially from the Dean of the Democratic Party. One of the most hallowed person of the history of the Democratic Party. And the statement holds so much truth.

Our founders (the ones that wrote the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Federalist Papers) intended that there be no parties. That did not last long. The politics that has been a thorn in the side of those who just want to vote for a good person and know what each person stands for was very good vision. Even if flawed by those who would want to gain power.

Originally a person elected to office was to go as a citizen legislator (or other official) do the job and go home to their profession after doing a short service. There was never intended to be a permanent political class that did nothing but spend time in Washington, or the statehouse.

In order to give the states the power to balance the Federal Government and the inevitable bureaucracy that would develop, the Representatives were voted on by the people. Then the Senators from each state were elected by the State Assemblies. When this was changed the balance of power was moved to Washington.

After the four term elections of FDR it was decided that there needed to be a term limit on the presidency. So we now worry about who is in the White House for 4 and 8 years. Yet the ones who do the most damage are allowed to be in the House and Senate for 30 – 40 years or however long they can still stand up on the campaign trail and get re-elected.

I am tired of mudslinging and obvious lying at every election. I hate the position that many now take that is directly aimed at tearing down our country.

In Kansas I am irritated that the Democratic contender for Governor is running against Gov. Brownback. Each ad placed against the Republican is about Brownback. Statements that Sec. Kobach never made are somehow added to the TV and radio spots and only when pointed out by those who check accuracy does the charge get dropped from the ads. I may have considered her but the first mud-ball slung made my mind up.

All I have heard in Ads in Kansas are about taxes and schools. Not one word about the stealing of highway funds to keep other agencies solvent. No word on fixing KEPRS & KP&F retirement funds. Nothing on diversion of Federal funds that are earmarked for one project and diverted to something else.

I have heard nothing in the campaigns about creating a good business environment and attracting anyone to the state with a good company. I have heard nothing about protecting our farmers and ranchers by demanding the Country of Origin requirements be brought back. I have heard nothing in the political statements about the railroads holding up the state and federal government on keeping rail service. Improvement of tracks that 95% of the railroads traffic is freight. And they hold out the carrot of service from Newton to Dallas as a way to keep the interest in being held up for more money at bay.

All the hate that has happened with the Supreme Court nomination was foretold by all of the opponents before the hearings were actually under weigh. So why are we surprised at the nastiness of the Democrats over this. They have already purchased the domain name for the opposition of the next nominee (and they don’t know when or who that will be) but they are ready for the next fight.

The attacks verbally in the street that is supported by the opposition will soon turn violent and this is something that they do nothing to try and stop. Instead they encourage it.

And in the mean time the Media giants get rich.


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