Yvonne Craig


The world has been scary my whole life. When I was a toddler we could not eat snow ice cream anymore after the governments of the world started testing nuclear bombs at ground level. We were warned that radiation was in the air and snow would gather it up and poison us if we ate it.

Then I went to school and from the time I was in Kindergarten until junior high we would do drills hiding from nuclear blasts. Until you read the story of how President Eisenhower kept control of the emotions of the country we did not know how real the dangers were. Only Ike’s cool head (and temper at times) kept the use of the bomb from being a standard go to weapon.

The statistics of polls that have been done of the various generations showing that the number of young people has risen steadily that prefer to live in a socialist country rather than a capitalistic one. The bright spot is that the upcoming generation has gone the opposite way. It is scary that the attitudes of lazy self centered parents and an education system that has gone out of the way to not teach skills of abstract thought, how to learn, and how to rationally think about all sides of an issue. We have gone to berating the teacher when little snotty is corrected and think it is cute when the kids are shown misbehaving on commercials.

What is scary is every time a self centered little twirp kills or maims someone the question is asked “how did they get this way?” Well look at the tripe being fed from Hollyweird, the video games that they constantly play, and the “hero’s” taking a knee over ‘injustice’ in the world. As if a million dollar athlete is really being misused.

What is scary is that the Constitution guarantees ‘Freedom of Religion’ not freedom from religion. And when a politician thinks that it is only ‘fair’ that you should run a lottery in places that hardly even heard about America. Then being brought here with their whole families to ‘assimilate’ here.

I thought it was interesting when after the attack in New York the Governor and Mayor soldiered on and led the Halloween parade. The requirements for being in the parade is that you wear a costume. They both apologized for leading the show with no costumes.

My thought was that they both came with the perfect costumes. They came as politicians and there is nothing more scary than a politician. They made all the costumed parade goers look like pikers.

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