Jeff Berwick


The amount that Mr. Bloomberg spent on his run to buy the presidency was around $550,000,000. Seeing as how there are 330,000,000 of us citizens, he could have just cut us all a check. This would have bought him more good will than his down the nose views of farmers and working people.

But the prime beneficiaries of his money were the media outlets. Wonder how many Mercedes (or Ferrari’s) were sold? Which proves that there is more for the media interests to gain by creating division rather than just reporting the news. In my eyes this is theft of information.

All of this to gain control of a government who sanctions the theft of peoples money and futures. although the government does not put a gun to your head for most of its workings, try to defy it and they still will shoot you.

The latest move to support the economy has been a driving down of interest rates. This low rate of interest gets those who are buying houses and investing large sums of money a great deal. But turn around and what does the law protect? Interest rates of 12. 15, 18, 22, & 25%. Even more if a person gets on the quick loan out of a store front with loan shark rates approved by the government.  100 – 300% and this is weekly.  This keeping the really poor held in a state of extremely poor circumstances. The only thing they do not sanction is a broken leg when they get behind. (but I bet some get that).

When I bought my last truck I signed a one page document and had an instant loan of 5%. No need to go the the ‘friendly’ banker to be grilled about how bad I really needed the truck.

Interest is not a problem for most who try to use banks and the lending institutions, they won’t loan money unless you don’t really need it.

Take your average charge card and they borrow from the Fed for less than 2%. turn around and charge us from 12 to 26%. This is theft.

We have the government borrowing money from China and other countries putting us into a multi Trillion Dollar debt only to turn around and give some of it back to those countries in aid.

We have a system that has been run and is run by crooks and until there is a real way to hold government accountable, we will continue to be victims of theft.

Lets take one step in the right direction. Since the US is only one of two countries in the world that allow advertising of drugs, lets ban drug advertising. This will start the cost of drugs to come down and maybe set an example that ‘We the People’ are fed up and we are not going to take it anymore!

Then lets take the step of holding all credit card and pay day loans to under 8%. Lets make equity loans available again. Banks and lending institutions are not loaning on equity any more.

Then maybe someone will take it on themselves to call a Convention of States and put term limits on those swamp rats that we send to Washington. Making sure that they don’t have a one way ticket.

I do believe that our officials should be limited to two terms. One in office and one in prison.


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